When is The Best Time to Fall In-Love?

It was 2:45PM, traffic was terrible, and I had to quickly navigate my way through a bunch of narrow roads. Viv and I were on our way to the wedding of our friends: Andreus and Love.

Their love story began as soon as they first met. It was love at first sight. Even though they won’t admit it, I know for sure that they were immediately drawn to each other.

They constantly shared wonderful moments with each other, both big and small, which made them very good friends. This friendship only made their secret attraction to each other even stronger. This love story of theirs is like yummy paella; it took a while to cook but was totally worth the wait in the end.

Love sometimes starts with a smile. Sometimes it starts with friendship. Sometimes it starts as enemies. Sometimes… it starts with no spark at all.

When the moment that Andreus gets to pull back the veil over Love’s head and sees his new wife looking at him, ready to be swept off her feet by her prince charming, they slowly lean towards each other and magic happened. They kiss for the first time in three years and the whole church rose with shouts and cheers for their love.

You see, Andreus made a bold and courageous move to choose not to kiss Love again unless it would be at the altar, in front of a priest, their loved ones, and God on their wedding day. This move made that moment even more beautiful. They inspired me to do the same and save my next kiss for Viv on our own wedding day.

Don’t you think it’s just amazing? Andreus and Love met each other at different points of their lives, but somehow everything fell into place, and today they are living their happily ever after story.

Now, let me ask you… Are you currently in-love? Or are you looking for love? Or are you currently moving on from a failed love story?

When I was 13-years old, my mom told me that I shouldn’t take girls seriously and that I shouldn’t fall in-love until I’m older.

I know a lot of people who try their best to not fall in-love with just anyone. But that’s the tricky thing about love; it’s something you just can’t predict nor control. Sometimes you fall in-love with somebody right away, and sometimes you get rejected a number of times but eventually end up marrying each other.

So, when does this love formula really happen? When is the right time to find your one true love? Which part of our lives can are we supposed to fall in-love?

Let’s dissect together these different stages of life and see when the best time to fall in love is.

1. High School

My cousin fell in-love when she was just in high school. Some people would think that high school love is not “real love” and that it wouldn’t last. More than a decade later, she married her “high school love.”

High school emotions are one of the strongest because we don’t really understand what’s happening in the world. Our raging hormones make us believe that what we feel will be forever.

Most people who enter relationships when they are in high school eventually break up. But, like my cousin, there are also some people who stand the test of time and stay together for life.

2. College