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Take courage and be a man. (1 Kings 2:2)

This book is for the everyday guy who needs to remember his real worth as a man.

Somewhere along life’s difficulties, you lost your path, and couldn’t find your way back. Perhaps painful experiences got you confused and made you forget who you really are – a man made in the image and likeness of a great God.

No one taught you how to be a man. They didn’t teach it in school. This book will give you the truth and the tools you need to become the man you are meant to be – a man who does the right thing, who takes responsibility for his life, who loves with his strength.

You have what it takes to be the great man God designed you to be.

In straightforward man-talk, with real-life lessons from the author’s experiences, this book will get you back on the right track.

Learn about what great men do and what mistakes to avoid to help you become a better man. Discover the habits of real men, how men need other men, and the importance of mentors. It’s a book every young man should have in his backpack.

This is your manual. Your greatness starts now!



How Can Underdogs Become Overcomers?

JPaul Hernandez was a twentysomething trapped in credit card debts and purposeless living. After a series of wrong decisions, he hit rock bottom with the stress of his problems eating him up. It wasn’t an easy journey, but through hard work, grit, training, the guidance of coaches and mentors, and God’s unending grace, he was able to turn his stress into success. Armed with life-changing lessons, he’s now teaching others how to recover from ground zero and bring out the hero in each of us.

In this book, learn how you can:

  • Be equipped to face your life’s biggest problems

  • Have the power to face your stressors

  • Find your purpose

  • Discover the courage to combat your biggest fears

  • Decide how successful you want to be; and

  • Take the first steps towards the path to living your dream life!

"JPaul Hernandez is the voice that young people need today – for their careers, personal goals and spiritual lives. In his second book, How Underdogs Can Become Overcomers, he doesn’t fail to deliver." – Rissa Singson-Kawpeng, bestselling author of While You’re Waiting, Add Color to Your Single Life.

How To Overcome Financial Stress.jpg


Are you caught in a debt trap you’ve been struggling to get out of?


Read this book and learn how to be financially FREE:

• Find ways to earn extra money
• Restore what financial problems has taken away from you
• Establish a strong financial fortress
• Experience freedom from financial stress


Let JPaul help free you from the stress you feel when you look at
all your bills and then see that your income and savings are not
enough to pay for everything. He will also help you be free from
relationship problems created by financial debt.


Start your financial success by growing your money mindset,
learning how to build a strong financial fortress, and starting a
side hustle that will lead you to financial freedom.


After reading this book, you’ll be on your way to financial success,
and soon declare to the world, “I’m financially free!”

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