Can Friends Become More Than Friends?    

Megan wraps her fingers tightly around the leather handle of her black handbag as she laughs at the goofy outfit that her friend, John, tried out in the fitting room. She’s accompanying him as he buys new clothes for work. Afterwards they have dinner, meet up with their other friends, and then go home. It was a fun day!

You are probably thinking that they’re such a sweet couple that would give you butterflies in your stomach, but no… they’re not. The two of them aren’t even best friends! They’re just “friends.”

They’ve been friends since they were teenagers, and both of them have seen each other fall in-love with other people through the years.

After years of being friends, they don’t get tired of each other’s antics. John and Megan are always there for each other. But, no matter how much other people try to pair them together, they aren’t affected whatsoever.

What do you think? Can their friendship evolve into something “more than friends?”

Are you in the same situation? Or do you know someone who is in a very deep friendship with someone that they are stuck in the “friendzone” and it seems like they can never get out of it anymore?

Here are the reasons that could be keeping friends to fall for each other.

  1. Familiarity – Some people have been friends for such a long time already that they know so many things, or maybe even too many things about each other. They think that because they’ve been friends for such a long time that having a spark is devastatingly impossible.

  1. Friendship code – Some men and women who have been friends for eternity could possibly know each other’s friends, or probably they belong to the same group of friends. This situation has become a peaceful status quo that means rocking the boat could mess up the entire group completely.

  1. Fear – Some men and women have been friends while trying to hide the sliver of feelings and attraction they have for the other. They are just so afraid to act on it, especially if you are the girl, or are friends with the ex. Also maybe their friendship is so amazing that letting it cook to a romantic relationship might destroy it if ever they break-up, regardless of how close friends they were prior.

On the other side of this argument, there are people who didn’t start out as immediately liking each other romantically. Somehow the magic just happens and they fall for each other.

For example, my friends Antonio and Angelica were classmates in college. Antonio immediately found Angelica attractive but didn’t pursue her because he was focusing on other things. While, Angelica seemed uninterested in him, anyway.

As they spent more than 8 hours in class together everyday, their friendship grew and their attraction was reaching a boiling point, which was about to blow up into affection for each other.

Antonio told me that Angelica made the first move (of course, we know he’s lying). Eventually, Antonio found the courage to tell her about his feelings for her and he started courting her.