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To The One Who Broke Your Heart (Part 2)

It has been said that when you lose someone in your life, you don’t really move on but somehow, you have to find a way to move forward.

I wish I could tell you that moving forward is easy, but it surely is not.

Moving forward doesn’t have an operating manual that you can follow… Different people do different things.

This takes time, but it will most definitely lead you to your breakthrough.

I talked to different people about their personal stories of heartbreak.

I also asked what they would tell their heartbreaker, and these are what they said:

I used code names to protect their identities.

Girly girl

"Thank you for helping me to see my stronger self."

Little uppercut:

"You manned up when you decided to end things and for that, thank you."

Singing doctor

"I’m sorry for trusting you. I will never ever repeat that mistake. In your face, asshole. Thank God you didn’t settle for me because I am more than enough for someone now."

Pop icon

"He’s so lucky to have you. I’ll always be here and I wish we could still be friends."

The Mountain

"We would’ve been great together."

Macho Man

"I learned how to deal with things in life deeper after our failed relationship. I got hurt because of that, but I learned a valuable lesson about it. To forgive is a decision and I decided to forgive that person and move forward."


"You broke my heart. Don’t break other people’s hearts. Masakit yun (That hurts)"

Sweet Siren

"Thank you for breaking my heart. You set it free and taught it how to live and love even more :)"


"Thank you for making me realize my worth and for allowing me to be the best person God wants me to be. :)"

The comedian

"Whatever happened to us, I'd like you to know that I had no regrets."

Lover’s lane

"Thank you for the love and the pain. First ever heartbreak, I wouldn't have it any other way and with any other person. I'm happy for you. I'm happy for me."

The Officemate

"There are no simple words said about simple heartbreaks. 

But what I want you to know most is that I still love myself, more than you. FYI."


"You became the catalyst that changed my life to one that just keeps getting better and more blessed. :) "

The Hunk

"I love you but you chose to break my heart. hahaha. Thank you and God bless! May you be happy for the rest of your life."

The people who shared their message went through different kinds of hardships and pain. One thing is common though, most of them have found breakthrough because of gratitude.

All of them today are living wonderful lives.

All of them have a great story to share.

All of them have scars that made them stronger.

What about you, what’s your story?

Something good is going to happen,

JPaul Hernandez

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