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Should we cancel Christmas 2020?

The start of 2020 looked extremely hopeful in terms of business, financial, family, and ministry planning. Well, at least in my eyes. January to February seemed exciting even if there were already a few hiccups like the Taal Volcano ash fall.

I started the year really inspired because I attended the Hillsong Leadership Network's Senior Leaders Open House. Everything felt good in my own little world.

Come March of 2020, when lockdowns started happening; I lost high-paying speaking engagements and financial opportunities for both Alpha Logistics and my speaking gig.

It was also heartbreaking because I couldn't go to people in The Feast who needed my help.

As I look back to what happened this 2020, there were many times that things seemed hopeless, but the more I let go of the illusion of control, the more things slowly started fixing themselves.

Yes, I panicked multiple times this 2020 because of Covid-19 implications, whether personal, financial, emotional, and spiritual.

The ultimate thing that changed my pandemic year was trusting God. I learned to trust that He is in charge; I learned to believe that no matter how dire the world's financial situation is, He will always provide. Lastly, that something good will come out of this through His Grace.

After 7 months of waiting, slowly, the opportunities are flowing in. Alpha Logistics is gaining traction with new clients. I recently started a podcast and now finding a niche for helping Filipinos achieve Financial Freedom.

I'm also grateful because the ministry is growing deeper in love, even if we are physically distant from each other.

I know in time and faith that everything will be okay.

Lastly, I believe that we shouldn't cancel Christmas this 2020, or cancel the year for that matter, because it is teaching us that control is the ultimate illusion of our lives.

Today, we can focus on what really matters instead of keeping up with what society thinks is cool.

2020 has unburdened me with:

1. The illusion of control - We like to think that we're in control of our life and that we dictate everything. In reality, the only thing we can do is follow God, pursue our dreams, and deal with how we react to things that are happening in our lives.

2. Busy doesn't mean progress - I was able to do so many things this year to help me achieve my dreams because I had fewer distractions.

3. Clarity creates abundance - When we know what we really want, opportunities will open up for us. Yes, God wants to bless us, but how can He give it to us if we're not open to receiving the abundance?

If you are struggling financially, emotionally, and spiritually, send me a message on any of my social media platforms. I'll pray for you, and I'll try to give you advice if I can.

Don't cancel Christmas 2020. Focus on love and what really matters.

Reflect on what you learned and gained this year, instead of what this year took away from you.

The best is yet to come,

JPaul Hernandez


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