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My Wedding Proposal Story

This is how my forever with Viv started.

December 2014 was an amazing time, my mom went in my room and showed me something that changed the course of my future.

She showed me three different engagement rings. Why was my mom doing this? Because just a few weeks before that I asked her if she can help me find the right engagement ring.

When I saw this one ring, I knew that it was the perfect one for Viv so I chose that one. I believe God loves me so much because the jeweller said that it comes with the perfect wedding ring already.

I collaborated with my friend Mariel Dato if she can sneakily ask Viv her ring size and what kind of gold she wants.

She told me the size was 2 and she wanted it yellow gold, so the ring was resized and the gold was changed.

I didn’t propose immediately, I needed more than 5 months to prepare for it. I needed to prepare  everything: my finances, my guts, my will, and my heart. I wanted to be the best JPaul I can be for Viv.

May 2015, I sent a text to Viv’s parents asking them if I can meet them for dinner at Robinsons Magnolia. When we were there, I got a text from Viv that her dinner with friends were moved from Gateway Cubao to Robinsons Magnolia. WE PANICKED! We quickly found a restaurant that she would probably not eat in.

I asked her parents, Tito Rodney and Tita Monam, if I can marry their last daughter. There was a bit of an awkward feeling but then they smiled and said yes. Tito and Tita told me that they trust me and that made me feel like King Arthur himself was knighting me and I was ready for my biggest adventure yet.

Now it’s time to prepare for the proposal!

Viv’s favorite place is Cafe 1771 in El Pueblo, Ortigas. I knew that that would be the perfect place for the proposal. I made arrangements with the management, and I just have to say that they were very accommodating to me.

So here’s what happened:

We watched Jurassic World at SM Megamall, and then we walked to the restaurant. As we arrived at Cafe 1771 we were seated at a beautiful place near the window.

The servers started taking good care of us by serving us soup, salad, and that unforgettable Salmon Rockefeller and Osso Bucco.

After the main course, I told Viv that I had to go to the bathroom - which I actually did too - so I can take a sneak peek at the 2nd floor. I asked all our friends to position themselves inside one of the dark function rooms there and wait for us.

I went back down and we started on dessert. After we ate my favorite coffee pie and hazelnut cake, I told Viv that we should visit the 2nd floor to see if they did something new.

As we went up, our friends played romantic background music. They also prepared a nice table with two chairs facing each other.

I asked her to sit down and said that I rented the 2nd floor because I wanted to make this day special.

I started my speech by telling her,

“I still remember clearly the first time I met you in The Feast, at that moment I knew I wanted to be part of your life. Today, I want to thank you for bringing out the best in me, thank you for loving me unconditionally, and I promise to love you, to remain faithful and pure, I promise that I will provide for our future family.”

Right then and there, I knelt in front of her, I smiled as I tried to get the wedding ring out of my pocket but I couldn’t. After wrestling with my pocket and the container of the ring, I finally had it.

I looked at Viv, smiled and said, “Will you marry me”

She responded by saying, “Seryoso ka?!”

I said, “Yes, of course!”

She said, “YEAH!”

I put the ring on her finger, embraced her as tight as I could and told her I love her.

At that moment, I directed her to our family and friends who were still hiding. They surprised her, hugged her, and gave her a bunch of roses.

Viv was crying at this moment because of the full blown barrage of love that was given to her.

I can’t believe that in a year’s time, I’ll be marrying the girl of my dreams. I can’t believe that God prepared me to be the best one for her, and she was also prepared to be the best one for me.

Viv, I don’t deserve a girl like you, but because of God’s scandalous grace, he gave more than what I asked for.

Thank you Lord because I found THE ONE! Yes, dreams do come true!

The best is really yet to come!

P.S. Thank you Mariel, Charmaine, Precious, and Isis for helping me make this proposal perfect.

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