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Your Words Create Your World

Becca’s dad saw her wearing a spaghetti strap and a little bit of make up. He became furious and started shouting at Becca, telling her that she’s “MALANDI” (slut). She was shocked at what her dad branded her with.

She tried to explain she was just trying it out because it was her first time going out with her girl friends, but her Dad just continued attacking her with other hurtful words. She left the house crying and believing that there’s something wrong with her.

She was 15 years old at that time, her dad was crazy strict and aside from that, he would lash out whenever she did something wrong. When Becca spilled the water from her glass, he would call her stupid. When Becca was eating a lot, he called her FAT. When she didn’t hit the grade target on her exams, he called her dumb.

But the final stroke was when called her, MALANDI.

Becca started believing her father, the word MALANDI played over and over again in her head. She could hear it in the classroom, in the bathroom, while eating lunch with friends… Everywhere.

After a few years, I found out that Becca has been in and out of numerous relationships. She would fall for a guy so easily and eventually one of them got her pregnant and left her. This didn’t happen just one time, it became a cycle – she had another child from a different father.

One good thing though is that Becca found a small group that will support and accept her. Slowly she’s recovering from that MALANDI label that was put on her by her father.

What’s the difference between SWORD and WORD? Nothing? Is it just the letter S?

The difference: Both can give life or take life.

Words have the power to create reality, that’s why great authors become so powerful. With just a few words that go together, they can create a whole new world that the reader can get lost in.

Whenever I speak on stage and I start proclaiming messages like “The Best Is Yet To Come” and “Dreams Come True”, I sense that atmosphere shift from tired to hopeful. I feel that the people feel encouraged and it’s the most wonderful feeling that a speaker can have.

How does this happen?

Scientifically, whenever you think of something, your neurons fire up with every idea, and then when you move, it starts firing more neurons, and when you chew it even more, it fires even more neurons because you control your movement; your tongue tries to understand what it’s eating.

Let’s go to your subconscious brain. It’s the most powerful part of your body but there’s one thing it can’t define. It can’t define what’s good or what’s bad. Instead, it processes things like habits. When something happens over and over again, your subconscious brain starts to believe that it’s true.

You become your words.

Your subconscious brain can’t decipher what’s right and wrong. If you keep on repeating the words, your brain will start believing those words and it creates a reality, based on the words you choose.

Every thought and every word is something created in your brain and is stored in your subconscious.

Let me share to you a habit that I’ve been doing for more than two years already. Every time I see Viv, I would tell her she’s “beautiful,” “pretty,” “gorgeous,” and “wonderful.”

In no time, she started believing what I said. She started wearing less makeup because she slowly accepted the truth that she is really beautiful and she is worth loving.

Today, I see lots of people calling their spouses stupid, dumb, unreliable, bwisit, and other hurtful words. If these things continue, the people in their lives will start believing that.

Another thing is that when people tell themselves that they are stupid, ugly, or other negative things, slowly their brain creates their world.

I’m amazed that both science and Christianity agree about the power of your words. That it can create a reality that will give you life or will take your life.

As you finish reading this article, I encourage you to start telling yourself positive words. Tell yourself “I did good,” “I am funny,” “I am cool,” “I am successful,” “I am beautiful,” “I am wonderful,” “I am grateful….”

START changing the worlds of your loved ones as well. Even if they’re still in that negative cycle start affecting them by telling them wonderful words. At first they’ll feel allergic because they’re not used to it, but like Viv, they’ll eventually get used to it and believe it.

When you see your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, children, boss, staff, colleague, and friend, start spotting something good they did and magnify that, affirm that, and lastly, celebrate that! It’ll surely add value to their lives.

I invite you to go to the mirror and start creating a better world, tell yourself that you are wonderful, amazing, beautiful, worth loving, funny, relaxed, healthy, friendly, accepting, smart, and so much more.

Speak nicely about yourself and create a better world!

The Best Is Yet To Come,

JPaul Hernandez

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