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Are women really better than men?

For years and years, people have argued about who’s better, whether the male of the female?

I’m not going to join that argument because I believe God created all of us equally beautiful and wonderful.

Let me give you an analogy:

Males are like plastic cups. Females are like wine glasses.

Basically both have the same purpose, which is to hold liquids. The difference comes from the specifics.

Plastic cups are made to be tough, crude, simple and utilitarian.

Wine glasses are unmatched, beautiful, fragile and elegant.

God wonderfully made males and females unique in their own way. Both are magnificent, priceless and worth it.

It’s not about who’s better, but instead it’s about accepting who you are… and accepting the other for who they really are.

Males and Females were made different to compliment each other.

Accept who you really are. Love the way you were made.

Something good is about to happen,

JPaul Hernandez

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