3 Reasons Why Guys Should Make Their Girlfriend Laugh

An unhappy girlfriend can be a man’s worst nightmare. If you try to win a fight with her, it’s surely going to be a war that no man will ever win.

During one spontaneous conversation I had with Viv, it resulted in us laughing so hard that we were falling off our seats. I remember that because as I laughed so hard, I saw her laughing as well. My world started moving in slow motion and suddenly… time stood still.

For a brief moment, I just wanted to stare at her having a good time. In that candid moment, I saw her beauty radiate and fill the whole room with goodness and love.

I believe a woman who wears a happy face is prettier than a woman who is wearing make-up.

Here are three powerful reasons why I believe you should make your lady laugh:

1. Lightens the mood

A few days ago, Viv told me that she was having her PMS already. That automatically gave my internal system a code-red-watch-out-panic-mode.

She becomes extra sensitive during these times. I don’t want to push her buttons during these moments because I don’t want to fight with her.

I dealt with it by telling her a funny story that happened to me, or just giving her really corny jokes to make her laugh.

Her hormones are already a big struggle, but because I want to make her feel better, I try my best to lighten up the mood. I want to sweep her off her feet so that she can enjoy the moment with me.

Brothers, make it a mission to make your girlfriend laugh. It is a powerful signal for her to see that you truly care about her, and her feelings.

2. Lightens the memories

I’ll be honest with you. There will be a number of days that you won’t get along with your girlfriend.

When you are angry or unhappy with each other, please don’t try cracking a joke because it might just add fuel to the fire.

But if you constantly make her laugh, she’ll treat those as small deposits of love. When the time comes that things are not okay between the both of you, she will have good memories in her love bank that will make her feel better.

Having a rich love bank is good for relationships. Always make sure to have more love deposits, and emotional withdrawals to keep your relationship healthy.