Craig and Amy are a happily married and serve happily as Light Group heads for couples.

One time, a couple who was having marital problems invited them for dinner because they needed help with their marriage.

At the exact moment they sat down – without even having the time to check the menu – the wife started blurting out what’s wrong with them. She was telling stories like the reason why they are buried in big debt is because her husband is “stupid” and “doesn’t have any skills worthy to be proud of.”

After 58-minutes of talking trash about her husband’s incapability, she then moved on to another weak thing about her husband, which is his driving skills, and then how he can never understand her, and how he can’t do any chore in the house correctly, and how their children do not respect him. Lahat na!

She then tells Amy about how she slaps him whenever he gets mad at her rude comments and tells him: “shut up, you don’t have the right to say anything because you are not good enough and I’m the unluckiest woman in the world for marrying you.”

Craig didn’t know what to do, and that’s when Amy banged her right hand at the table and told the lady, “Tatiana, I cannot take the dishonorable words that you are saying about your husband! This has to stop. This will destroy your family.”

Tatiana rebutted Amy and said: “Well, I will start honoring him if he’s at least half the man your husband is. You are lucky and you can say that because you were able to marry a good man unlike me.”

Controlling her anger, Amy responded “My husband is the great man he is because I honor him before he does anything honorable! I affirm his greatness before he does anything great, and that’s why he’s such an amazing husband and father to our family!”

That was the left hook, and Tatiana was speechless and couldn’t fight back anymore. She was shocked, because destruction in the family wasn’t caused by her so-called “incapable husband,” but in reality, the damage was caused by her negative thoughts and beliefs.

After that day, she started declaring honor and affirmation towards her husband, and slowly their lives got better.

Here’s the lesson of the story: Your words create your reality. If you talk about ruin regularly, negative things will befall you. But if you declare words of hope, miracles will happen.

Remember, believing is seeing, because when you believe first that you are wonderful, then eventually you’ll start seeing that you are indeed wonderful. Therefore, start seeing yourself as God sees you.

Stop talking crap about yourself. I want you to decide to remove these words in your vocabulary: I’m a nobody, I’m worthless, I’m a victim, I’m ugly, I’m unlovable, I’m mediocre, I’m poor, I’m terrible, I’m a failure, and other phrases just like them.

Heal your self-image by writing as many affirmations about yourself as you can, and take a risk by sharing this link on your Facebook account, and put your affirmations about yourself at the comment section when you are sharing it.

When you are dealing with other people, try focusing on the good that’s in them instead of the bad and you’ll see how it’ll change your life.

Believe and see how your world will shift for the better

I’m declaring a miracle for your life.

The best is yet to come,

JPaul Hernandez

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