In 1997, my grandfather had a triple bypass and because of this my dad freaked because his father was sick and might die soon.


My dad smoked a lot when I was younger. Naalala ko dati, yung yosi niya iniipit pa niya sa sleeve ng masikip niyang t-shirt. But because of my grandfather’s attack, he forced himself to stop smoking.


It was hard for him because ang tagal niya na nagyoyosi. I saw him struggle for a long time but he didn’t give up.


Now, he’s been smoke free for 20 years.


I’m happy because that decision to stop smoking gave him more healthy years to enjoy his family and will give him years to see his future grandchildren!


He stopped smoking because he was afraid of dying, but also because he wanted to give more love to his family. He changed himself out of love for his family.


I know today that we all have unpleasant behavior or bad habits that we want stop but we don’t know how.


I encourage you to start thinking about your family and the people that really matter to you. Use them as an inspiration to help you become a better person.


May you find strength to live your best life today!


The Best Is Yet To Come,



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