One of the leaders from a different Feast asked me about business and ministry because there are people from their Feast who ask for his services, but he feels terrible in charging them anything because it might not give glory to God.

I asked him with a smile, “Bro, are you scamming these people?”

He responded, “definitely, no.”

I said, “Bro, God wants to bless you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, relationally, and of course, financially so don’t worry about it.”

I’m not saying that you use the feast or any ministry as your place to look for clients, but don’t be afraid to welcome God’s providence in your life. I’m saying this because I felt that his self-worth was so low that even if he’s talented in his craft, he doesn’t feel worthy to succeed in it.

I shared with him how I charge for talks or business services, and it goes like this.

o Corporate or traditional client, full price.

o Work project comes from a Feast member; I give a discount.

o If the talk or service is for a feast like a retreat, or school, community, or foundation, I don’t charge a dime, but if they give me a small stipend, I accept it because it augments my expenses for travel to the venue.

Most Filipinos are so used to failure and living mediocrely that we forget how dreaming big looks like. For some, they’re even afraid to dream not because they’re not capable of making things happen, but because they don’t know how to deal with success. They’re so scared of becoming evil like the ones you see portrayed in telenovelas.

Being mean, selfish and cruel is not based on how rich we are; it starts with what’s in our heart.

If your heart is cruel, money will magnify the cruelty in your heart. Likewise, if you are generous, money will only amplify your generosity.

What to do to increase your income?

First,Find Your Passion

Write down things you are passionate about.

Are you doing things related to your passion? If not, stop what you are doing now and divert careers.

Second, Find The Intersection Of Your Passion
And What The Market Needs

See the business and upcoming business trends of the market.

Figure out a way to use your passion to create something that the business world and consumers will need.

Third, Find A Business That Will Help The Customers

When you are in that intersection already, figure out a way how you can serve customers, and that will monetize your passion.

Passion is important because you need to be happy with hustling for something for 14-hours a day.

But passion is not enough to serve the needs of people; that’s why you need to check what are requirements of consumers and the business world.

What will you do now?

My point, don’t be afraid of opportunities. Whatever is happening in your career right now is happening for a reason, God wants to lead you to a better place of blessing in all areas of your life.

You should want to receive blessings so you can also bless others. You are both physical and spiritual beings.

God wants to bless both your physical needs such as emotions, finances, mental, relational, and your spiritual needs such as peace of mind, contentment, salvation, and unconditional love.

Take the plunge with God.

Trust the process, and enjoy the journey. I am praying for your success!

The best is yet to come,
JPaul Hernandez

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