After experiencing transformative mentorship from Bro. Obet Cabrillas, I noticed that a lot of ladies started approaching me. They started sharing their pain that they received from the men, stores of heartache that came from their father, boyfriend, husband, brother, and other men in their lives.


Slowly, I noticed that guys went up to me asking for mentorship, because they have so much anger with their fathers, and that they don’t know what to do with their life. I noticed that these guys were looking for someone to help them find the great man that God planted inside them.


I was amazed that guys listened to what I had to say, they were also telling me that they were inspired by the things I did like working hard for my dreams, leading Feast Greenhills, having a pure relationship with my girlfriend, paying off my debts, fixing my wounded relationship with my dad, and many more.


That’s when I realized that maybe God was leading me to help men take back the greatness they had inside!


I started doodling ideas and I told myself that I’ll write a book sometime around 2018, but my mistake was I showed it to my friend Marjorie Duterte and she kept pushing me until I started writing.


Today, that dream has become a reality, and I’m grateful that God is using my book to bless a lot of people!


This is happening because I answered God’s call to unleash the man in me. I believe you should too!


Here are three ways on how I can help you:
1. Join me on July 30 for a seminar about unleashing the leader in you, click here for more details:
2. Get a copy of my book and start your success journey.
3. Join the Man Cave at or


The Best Is Yet To Come,



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