Shirley was a beautiful girl, career-driven and her smile can melt the heart of any man.


Finding love was her big dream.


One day, she met a guy named Martin, and they started texting everyday. She liked him very much, and the fact that he contacted her all the time, she felt that he liked her too.


They started going out and enjoyed each other’s company. While on one of their dates, they watched a movie, and slowly Martin moved his hand towards Shirley’s hand as if like the itsy-bitsy spider song. Then, he grabbed her hand, suddenly, and Shirley immediately had butterflies in her stomach.


“This is it!” she thought. They moved forward to more romantic things like kissing, hugging, and many more.


After a few weeks of this, Martin just disappeared and Shirley was freaking out. Every time her phone rang, she runs towards it hoping it was Martin but it was just someone else.


For Shirley, food had lost its taste, the sky lost its color, the flowers stopped blooming.


As she checked her Facebook timeline, she saw that Martin was now in a relationship. OUCH!!! Tagos, ang sakit bes.


It took some time but eventually she was able to move on. But that cycle kept on happening and happening.


Lately, she fell in love again with a guy. They worked for the same company, he would bring her home and they would go out on dates. Fast forward, they dated and became romantic. They even travelled on a vacation together.


She was the happiest girl on Earth, but there was something bothering her heart. He never posts anything about her, and they don’t communicate during the weekends.


One day, she got a phone call. The caller was the girlfriend of her guy! She was an accidental mistress.


The problem with Shirley’s story is that, yes, she expected to find love, and to be married. But she didn’t expect more from the guy, that’s why she kept on getting hurt.


Here’s another story, about another girl who dreamt about finding love.


Her name is Tin. Tin dreamt of her Prince Charming, she prayed about him, and she also told God that she expects the best man for her.


When she was young, she told God, “Lord I want a man who loves you, who is independent, who can provide for me, who will respect me, who will court me properly, and will be a man after Your own heart.”


As she grew up, she almost fell in love a number of times but she stopped herself because these guys never met her criteria. She was getting impatient with God but she kept on waiting.


What she didn’t know was that as she was waiting, God was transforming her to be the most loving, selfless, peaceful, and beautiful woman she can be.


After years of waiting, her Prince Charming finally knocked. She was so shocked because he courted her properly; asked permission from his parents to court her, he is responsible, and he loves her tremendously.


Today, Tin and her husband is living their happily ever after because Tin decided that she deserved the best for her life, and not only that, she had to be the best for her future man. It’s all about the power of creating a love covenant with God and yourself.


Gift Of Waiting


We hate waiting.


When we’re stuck in the middle of traffic, we keep on fidgeting because we’re in a hurry.


When we send our curriculum vitae, we expect to be hired immediately, and we sometimes expect to be promoted in no time.


When a girl is flirty with you, we expect that this girl immediately likes you, and because of this, men sometimes end up in the “friendzone.”


People want the blessing but the problem is we hate the process of getting to the blessing. The hard thing is that this journey takes a lot of ups and downs, which teaches us how to carry our burdens. In the end, whatever happens, we realize that the waiting is worth it.


Do you want love? Love yourself first by becoming the best person you can be. Mend your wounds, run towards your dream, master “adulting”, learn to give, and just enjoy your life.


Perfect love is coming, just trust in the process.


The Best Is Yet To Come,


JPaul Hernandez

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  1. Thank you bro Jpaul i have a problem my girlfriend left me because i don’t want to change my religion. i am a catholic and yes of course i want to marry her as a catholic but she is also faithful in her religion (she is a born again christian) so i decided to agree with her even it hurts for us “na sayang ang 3 yrs naming samahan”. i will wait the right girl for me and i trust God. please pray for me bro. jpaul for more patience and btw i love your book it helps me to develop my self as a great man
    God bless bro 🙂

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