While going around the Middle-East and talking to different people there, I noticed that since they are not allowed to eat pork there, OFW’s had an odd way of substituting their unhealthy food intake. It’s by eating some tasty vegetables, and eating twice the amount of beef, chicken, and lamb.

Also, our kababayans didn’t allow me to eat light meals because every moment I had with them was a Feast! For my breakfast, recess, lunch, merienda, dinner, after dinner, and midnight snacks, I had full meals! Thus, resulting in me going back to Manila with extra 2.5 kilos in my belly!

Another odd thing there is that most Filipinos get Vitamin D injections because they have vitamin deficiency there. My jaws dropped when I learned that because you get Vitamin D from the Sun – and if there’s a place I know where there’s definitely a lot of Sun, that’s the Middle-East!

They told me that a lot of Pinoys didn’t like to walk in the heat because they’ll get sweaty, so they’re always in the shade, specifically rooms that had air-conditioning!

It’s ironic that people there get Vitamin D deficiency despite the abundance of sunlight.

Don’t be too surprised because that’s the same case with love.

God’s love is abounding; it’s everywhere. But most people are sick and their spiritual health is deteriorating fast because they are lacking the right amount of Vitamin Love from God.

In this world, a lot of people are chasing illusions of grandeur and illusions of true happiness because they are running towards the wrong direction. They can’t access the full pack of love from God even if they are already carrying it everywhere with them.

Even if you have billions in your bank account, but if you lack love, you are nothing.

Even if you are the most famous celebrity in the world but do not have love, you are nothing.

Here’s my solution that I want to you to follow: God is offering you true love for free, open your heart and accept it.

If you do this, you will live a full life with no regrets!

The best is yet to come,

JPaul Hernandez

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