I recently checked out a new watch company and their product is a beautiful automatic watch with leather straps and vintage metal for the frame. The materials for this timepiece comes from old dilapidated Ford 1966 Mustangs, the company motto is, “Recover, Recycle, Reclaim.” I’m blown away by the fact that something beautiful can be made from something broken and casted out.


It’s like when I enter this ultra-popular coffee shop that can be found all-over the world, I would slide my fingers and feel thoroughly the coffee counter because they proudly say that would is recycled from old broken pieces of wood and now it’s something beautiful and useful again.


Another is this fashion company for women that transforms trash, rags and old disregarded cloths and makes them into beautiful handbags that can add value to the wearer.


These companies are amazing because they are able to turn trash into masterpieces that have multiply in value after they are remade.


If people can repurpose something broken into something wonderful, what more can God do to something like us who has never lost it’s value but have been tarnished by our bad experiences and dark belief systems.


God doesn’t want to clean you up, He wants to give you an upgrade, He wants to make you into a new model and most of all repurpose you to something bigger than you think you deserve.


Start by embracing that scar in your heart, because that would will lead you into your ministry that only can do.


The Gifts After You Allow Yourself To Be Transformed


The other day, my wife and I were laughing while telling stories to each other, and then all of a sudden she gave me a look and said, “let’s talk.” I got scared because I wondered if I did something wrong, so I was in super rewind mode of past events.


I said, “sure” and she started telling me her reflections, her feelings, her thoughts and after about 30 minutes of listening, she finally arrived at what she wanted to really say (oh ladies).

She told me that, “yes, she’ll do her best with the business she has, but she’s being drawn more to being a homemaker.” That’s her ultimate ministry, our family and supporting me. She asked me if I was okay with that or if I wanted her to work more and give more contributions at home, because she’ll also be okay with that arrangement.


I held her hand, looked at her eyes, smiled and said, “I got this covered, ako bahala sa’yo darling!” and then I followed it up with, “That’s why I work hard, but also thank you for giving me the authority to take charge of our family, the privilege to provide for us and most of all, trusting me.”


I felt like I was as strong as Hercules but you know why Nicole trusts me? It’s because she knows how much I  have worked on becoming a better person.


I believe the biggest reward is when people you work with, people around you and most of all your inner circle can fully trust you. It’s when they see that you become a person of integrity and character, they can fully trust and support you.


Actually, the real blessing being a better person, but when people trust you, it multiplies your value as a person.


Eventually, you’ll be able to trust yourself that you have what it takes to reach your dreams, make this world a better place and leave a wonderful legacy behind you.


Allow God to work in your life and may you become a better person.


The best is yet to come,
JPaul Hernandez

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