Recently, I was talking a successful 45-year old Feast member. He told me that flirted early in his life and got his girlfriend pregnant, and at a young age, He never stopped hustling just to make ends meet.

After years of hard work, he is now a successful entrepreneur and his eldest child now a college graduate, he feels so tired because he didn’t take a break for 20 years. He also feels so much regret because he thinks that if there was a Feast when he was young, getting pregnant early and being burned-out will not happen in his life.

My friend felt frustrated because he can’t even enjoy the money and blessings he worked hard for because he had so much “WHAT IFs” in his life.

I embraced him and said, “Brother, I honor you for working hard for your family, and I believe that God is a God over lost time. It means that whatever you lost in the last 20 years, God will not restore; instead, God can give you something better. He will replace with bigger and better things. Be strong, and enjoy your new relationship with Jesus.”

You see, our God doesn’t exclude people who made mistakes or failed. He will meet you where you are, and open his blessings to you if you are open to it.

The older generation finds a place of restoration and retribution, while the younger generation finds a place for purpose and acceptance. Whatever age you belong to, this is your family.

You are an overcomer, and we will grow old together, we will help each other, and most of all, we will love each other.

Excited to grow in this journey of life with you, my friend.


The best is yet to come,

JPaul Hernandez

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