When I’m out of the house and I need to get something printed immediately, I send the document to our Wi-Fi system at home, and it will automatically print; when I get home, the printed document is ready.

Here’s something cooler: the system creates a back-up of all our laptops at home every hour, so that if ever something bad happens, our work is saved on our system.

Not to mention, our internet at home is constantly 48mpbs, which allows my wife to watch Netflix, while I’m researching something, and downloading 3 gigabytes of software update.

I’m also eyeing this new door lock system that would allow us to not bring keys anymore, but operate just by our presence and through cellphone apps (but my wife won’t allow me to buy it yet because it’s out of our house budget for now).

Friends, no matter how nifty these gadgets are, it can never match up to the power of face-to-face conversation and actually getting up and doing something together with people. In fact, whenever we’re having a substantial conversation with somebody, our stress hormones called cortisol drop by a ton while the oxytocin, or “the good hormones,” spread like wildfire!

According to William Ury, the world’s leading conflict resolution expert and problem negotiation expert, the best way to heal a disagreement is when two people walk, side-by-side, have a conversation, and journey together.

My point is this: gadgets are good, but relationships are far more important than technology.

Gadgets should not get in the way of personal relationships. Instead, it should help strengthen your relationships. They should be your tools for connection, not a prison or enemy of strong lasting relationships.

Starting today, start a deeper relationship with people that matter to you by:

  1. Sharing a meal together
  2. Going on vacations together
  3. Listening to each other’s personal stories
  4. Being for each other during times of need

In the end, the most important thing for relationships to grow is the power of presence; you just have to be present in the lives of people that really matter to you.

Personally, my most important relationship after God is with my wife. She is my main priority, and everything else just follows. Having this kind of relationship with her gives me strength to focus on my dreams and defeat my fears. My wife has the power to diffuse my biggest worries, and she gives me courage that I can’t conjure on my own.

Healthy relationships are untapped secret weapons that you need to master.

Focus on having healthy relationships today. Love someone today!

The best is yet to come,

JPaul Hernandez

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