Learn to Love More

Life is not about being with the perfect person, but it’s about deciding every day to love the imperfections of this human being

Every couple must deal with annoying things about their partner

Nicole and I have been friends for quite a while before she started courting me – yes, pakipot muna ako and then naawa ako sa kanya, so sinagot ko na rin siya. As I’ve gotten to know her through the […]

Even When It Hurts Song Reflection by JPaul Hernandez


Sometimes, when things get really rough, when your problems have mutated into gargantuan problems, when you are so tired to pray because all hope is lost, when you don’t have any strength anymore, when you are dry, weary and broken, […]

Wag Ka Umibig Ng Kahit Sino Nalang - JPaul Hernandez

Wag Ka Umibig Ng Kahit Sino Nalang

Shirley was a beautiful girl, career-driven and her smile can melt the heart of any man.   Finding love was her big dream.   One day, she met a guy named Martin, and they started texting everyday. She liked him […]