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Napansin niyo ba na kahit gaano ka katalino ang isang tao sa academics, marami pa ring hindi matalino pagdating sa pag-ibig? Sana mayroon din school for love, right? Recently, a guy named Bryan went up to me, crying. I asked him, “Bryan, what’s wrong?” He said, “Bro, busted ulit ako.” I asked him, “What did you do?” and […]



According to some studies by health experts, the right way of breathing can help give you the perfect six-pack abs! It’s when you inhale oxygen and then fill your stomach, control the air inside, and slowly breathe out. Your abdominal muscles are engaged and this can greatly stimulate your muscles to help you transform your flabs into abs! I […]


How can you spend your 13th month pay and bonus?

Rona is already in her mid-50s and she’s about to have a big blessing soon: her last child was about to graduate from a very expensive engineering course in college.   She told me she wants to start investing as soon as she finishes her financial responsibilities. Then, I asked her how many loans she […]