Why are some people moving forward with their lives while you are failing badly?

Is your promotion and salary raise long overdue? Are other people getting promoted, getting married, having kids, and generally happier than you? Are you dealing with insecurity today? Probably your life did not pan-out as you dreamt it to be. […]

There’s no such thing as an overnight success

Every master in the world did not become a master overnight. Boxers are not naturally strong. They have to master their footwork for many years. Muay Thai fighters aren’t naturally acrobatic. They have to stretch their legs and body for […]

You are a blessing to the world

A friend of mine recently asked me about why I respond to all the messages of people I don’t know on my Facebook page. He says I wasn’t obliged to respond to them because I don’t owe them anything. I […]

When god doesn’t answer your prayers

When I was in college, there was a time that I desperately asked God to help me pass in one of my exams for Philosophy class because I was too busy with organization work and, of course, hanging out with […]


I’m turning 30 this October and looking back I realize that my life was totally different 15 years ago. I didn’t have a direction in life back then, my academic grades were disastrous, and most of all I was eaten […]


5 ways to heal your love allergy

Tony was a drug addict for many years, he almost accepted that he was destined to be the black sheep in the family until that one fine day that he became part of the Feast. I remember a time that […]