Is church still relevant today?

When I invite some people to attend The Feast, a few of them tell me, “Bro, I’m good. I don’t need community, I don’t need church anymore.” In today’s world, do we still need community? Do we really need church? […]

Giving by JPaul Hernandez


According to some studies by health experts, the right way of breathing can help give you the perfect six-pack abs! It’s when you inhale oxygen and then fill your stomach, control the air inside, and slowly breathe out. Your abdominal muscles are engaged […]

Should You Disciple Non-Christians? by JPaul Hernandez

Should You Disciple Non-Christians?

More than a year ago, Feast Greenhills had an attendee that was a Muslim. He was a teenager who kept on coming back every Sunday.   Somebody came up to me and asked me if we’re okay with that, and […]

Ecumenism in Manila

  I’m a preacher in The Feast, a ministry founded by Bo Sanchez and our mission is beautiful. We live as one to Make disciples for Christ. We especially target people who don’t go to church anymore for whatever reason […]