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I have a gratitude habit that I practice every day. What I do is I pause in the morning, sometimes during lunch, and in the evening before I sleep, and I simply clear out the noise in my head and just thank God for any blessing that I can think off. During one gratitude break, […]


Prepare For Your Best Year Yet!

“Why is it raining?” This was a phrase that kept running through my mind over and over again, and after a few minutes, I saw more drops of water hitting the ground from the sky. As the rain got stronger and stronger, my frustration leveled up as well. We were in the outskirts of the Sahara Desert […]


God Truly Blesses Those Who Are Generous

There is a couple that’s close to my heart. They have always been generous in giving to God, and in return, blessings have come pouring in from left and right. But you know what? Their biggest blessing was to have a friend as handsome as me! He he he!   Last year, their business encountered […]