A young man walking without a destination, a clenched fist on the side, and a face that looks like he’s going to poop because of the large frown he is wearing, was the kind of man I was for many years, I was so mad at all the things about the world that I couldn’t see how angry I was with myself.

Upon seeing a lot of adults and movies who showed that angry men were stronger, I started to  believe that anger is a sign of strength and leadership.

If you talk to a manager in a restaurant, the customer service of your cellphone provider, or even a collections person of the credit card company, with an angry tone, they will immediately serve you as a king.

I have a problem with that though.

Anger and shouting can’t be the answer to life because it leads to a lot of sickness like heart problems and high blood pressure. It also makes us do things we don’t want to do. Worst of all is we might even hurt somebody else.

Instead of getting mad, I invite you to smile more.

According to Ron Guntman, research says that babies in their mother’s womb are naturally smiling because it is there primary reaction during pregnancy.

Isn’t that just amazing? Apparently, we humans are naturally designed to smile!

Smiling at someone also rewires that person’s brain, as well, because you seem better looking and more trustworthy just by smiling at people.

Your smile also signals your brain to release chemicals that give the same good feeling you have with eating chocolates.

Another medical miracle is that smiling empowers your immune system. Your body produces more white blood cells when you smile and laugh.

According to a study, there were hospitalized kids who were visited by storytellers and puppeteers. The kids who smiled more because of the storytellers and puppeteers were cured faster than those who did not.

Starting today, I invite you to smile more than you used to.

Wake up, smiling. Take a bath, smiling. Go to work, smiling. Read your emails, smiling. Eat, smiling. Pray, smiling. Sleep, smiling.

I assure you it will unlock something magical in your life.

But wait, “what if you don’t feel like smiling?”

There was a test a few years ago that made one group of people bite a spoon with their teeth, and the other group to bite the spoon with their lips.

The group who bit the spoon with their teeth started feeling happier after 5 minutes, and then the group who bit the spoon with their lips started feeling down after 5 minutes. Why is that so?

When you bite the spoon with your teeth, it simulates the action of smiling. If you bite the spoon with your lips, you simulate frowning. That’s why after a few minutes your subconscious mind will just follow your action and release the chemicals that will support your actions.

In NLP it says that your subconscious mind can’t figure out what’s good or bad that’s why what you repeatedly do becomes your reality.

Do you want to be depressed? Frown more!

Do you want more joy in your life? Smile more!

Let me end by sharing a secret.

During days that I’m so tired, I don’t feel prepared enough, or I just feel down and I have to go on stage to speak…

I don’t just drink coffee, do jumping jacks or talk to myself in the mirror. My secret is that I go to the side and smile for at least 5 minutes.

Yes, smiling by myself before going up the stage makes me look like a fool but internally it gives me strength, courage, and energy. It empowers me and prepares me as I speak on stage.

In my heart, I personally believe that God smiles every time He sees you. So, why aren’t you smiling at yourself? Wherever you are and whatever you are doing it is natural for you to release creativity and joy to the world.

Be like the infant in your mother’s womb, smile continuously!

Smile when you are in the middle of the storm,

Smile when you are stuck in traffic,

Smile when there’s a crisis and you don’t know what to do,

Smile when you are nervous,

Smile when you feel like giving up,

Smile when people are criticizing you!

Your smile is your ally, it is a weapon that can’t be destroyed or stolen.

Smile because the Best is Yet to Come!

JPaul Hernandez

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