Once upon a time, I started dating this girl that I liked.


After my parents had met this girl, I had a conversation with my dad and we talked about her. He asked me about her story, her life, and other things. After our conversation, I was waiting for my dad to tell me, “Go get her son!” but surprisingly he just gave a big sigh, his eyes showing a different expression. I saw that he was bothered and that he was thinking of the best way he can tell me what was on his mind without hurting me.


After struggling to tell me nice things, he just blurted out directly to me, “I don’t like her for you.”


I was appalled by his message, and because I was still young then, my rebellious hormones started kicking in and my walls came up to fortify me. I pushed my dad away and everything just went silent and I just walked out of his office.


Being the rebel that I was, I still pursued the relationship and although we were together for quite some time, it also became a big heartbreak when we broke up. The relationship also pulled me away from my family, I stepped on my values, and most of all, I started becoming a person I didn’t like.


What happened? I dated the wrong woman because I didn’t listen to my dad’s wisdom.


After a a few year I met Viv, my ex-girlfriend, now fiancé. Everything fell perfectly into place this time. I was a better man, and because of that, I had a better relationship.


What was so funny was that when I met Viv at the Feast, we started becoming best friends, and because all of us served together, my family immediately loved her. How do I know that? Because my parents are forcing us to move our upcoming wedding to an earlier date!


My dear young, working, unmarried people, I’m really blessed because my heartbreaks brought me to my one true love, and she makes me the best man I can be. And most of all, I’m madly, deeply, and crazily in love with Vivien Nicole Hontiveros Fernan.


My dear parents, one way of expressing your love to your children (no matter how young they are today) is by preparing them to be the best person they can be so that they’ll be ready for the best person for them.


The Best Is Yet To Come,

JPaul Hernandez

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  1. Congratulations JPaul. Your life is a great testimony of God’s grace and love. Keep on Shining. And Kudos to your wonderful parents.

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