“Why is it raining?”

This was a phrase that kept running through my mind over and over again, and after a few minutes, I saw more drops of water hitting the ground from the sky. As the rain got stronger and stronger, my frustration leveled up as well.

We were in the outskirts of the Sahara Desert and our tour guide was showing us what a real oasis looked like. Apparently, it’s not a small pool of water with two palm tress in the middle of the desert, but instead it’s a kilometer- wide sea of trees in the middle of the desert. At the middle of her presentation – BOOM! – rain drops started hitting our faces, our heads, our limbs, and then all of us started covering our cameras and smartphones while running back to the tour bus.

All this happened during my trip to Morocco, the country that invented the Moroccan Mint Tea.

But aside from experiencing the tea, I went there to experience the Sahara Desert. But just our luck, it started raining over there! C’mon! It was raining in the Philippines when we left, and we get there to be rained on too?

As we arrived to our hotel, we were all laughing because no one in our group brought rain gear because no one was prepared for the predicament to happen.

In my heart, I was already thinking that this trip was a failure, because we took an 11-day leave from everything that we were doing, had an 18-hour flight going to the North Western side of Africa just to see this amazing thing called the Sahara Desert, but suddenly rain happened.

As my excitement was deflating from what happened that day, one of the employees from the hotel talked to me as I was drinking my mint tea, and I immediately noticed that his eyes were a bit teary. He explained to me that this was truly a blessed year for them, because it was the first year in his life that it rained twice!

His name was Mohammed and he was in his mid-forties. He also told me that his five-year old son didn’t understand what rain was until last year. For him, it was just a mystical story told by his father. Mohammed then told us that in his lifetime, he has experienced a rainless sky for up to 10 years!

He looked at all the Asians in my tour group; there was a Thai Family, a Singaporean Family, and three Malaysians that were travelling solo. His voice was cracking in gratitude, and he told us “Since it is always raining in your part of the world, you are ‘The Rain Maker’ here in Morocco, you are the bringer of water.”

In the Philippines, people will only call you rain maker if you have a terrible voice and you keep on singing by yourself, especially at the Karaoke scene!

The desert experience was truly amazing. I was even able to ride a camel, slide down the sand dunes, and walk bare feet because the sand was not hot due to the rain.

At the end of the trip, God spoke to my heart with a clear message; He made me realize that through the centuries, millions and millions of tourists have experienced a dry desert, and I’m one of the few chosen people to walk through the desert that’s not dry, but has been blessed by rain.

In that experience, I am convinced that what I considered to be something bad, God actually planned it to be something good.

If you are facing trials today with your parents, school, relationships, bullies, insecurities, depression of any kind, I want you to know that God has a plan to make this storm a season of blessings and miracles.

Today, I invite you to see past through the rain, and to create a vision of hope and big dreams, even if the rain is disrupting your life. I know that something great will happen in your life because what the world has intended to give harm to you, God has the power to turn it around and actually make it the best year ever!

Friend, it’s time to start imagining great things for your life!

The Best is Yet to Come,

JPaul Hernandez

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