Lara was a beautiful woman, she was the complete package! She had beautiful skin, mesmerizing eyes, and the brains to match all the good things that were endowed to her.


Lara had a guy best friend, Tom, and they grew up together. Tom was always beside her in good times and bad times. He was there every time she was drunk, when she cried, when she was down to nothing, and most of all whenever she’s heartbroken.


They were so close that people would always tease them that they look good together, but Lara kept on dismissing the idea. For the longest time, Tom has been madly in-love with Lara but he can’t court her because Lara just doesn’t see him the same way, because she found Tom to be quiet, reserved, and a “goody-two-shoes.”


Lara had boyfriend #1 and they didn’t work-out, boyfriend #2 didn’t workout too, boyfriend #3 was just for the sake of having a boyfriend; through the years, all her relationships would end up in shambles, either someone will fall out of love, or her boyfriend will cheat on her.


She was giving up on true love because her heart can’t stand it anymore. One day, when her back was against the wall, crying, and was singing an Aegis song… Lara realized that maybe it’s time to give Tom a chance!


She opened her heart to Tom, niligawan siya, and because they’re best friends, they were able to accept each other immediately. Tom knew how to take care of her. She fell in-love and she started glowing, she was like a rose who finally bloomed.


Today, she is in her loveliest state, happily married with 2 kids with Tom being better than the fictional Prince Charming.


Tom was that beautiful diamond sitting amidst the dirt of the soil, waiting for the longest time for Lara to find him, and when she finally did, she received her true richness and joy.


How long should you wait?


Tom waited for a long time, and was the wait worth it? YES it was!


I want to answer a few questions that waiting people have:


1. Should you wait for “them” to break-up?


I know a couple of people who always liked each other but they had to wait for a long time to be with each other. When the guy was single, the girl was in a relationship, and when the guy was in a relationship, the girl was single, and so on and so forth.


After one decade of running like this, they were both single and their relationship got stronger and more invested. Today, they are happily married and they love each moment of it.


To answer the question, I believe there’s nothing wrong with waiting for a person to be single. Unless you unconditionally want it, stop waiting and wasting your life at the same time.


I suggest that you live your best life today, and if somehow both of you are single, you can start a relationship and be happy together. But just in case that doesn’t happen, I believe you can continue living and you’ll meet someone for sure.


2. Should waiting have a deadline?

It’s really up to you; ask yourself what you really deserve.


I repeat, start living your best life today, whatever happens, you’ll be rewarded in God’s perfect time.


3. Can you flirt with each other while that person is in a relationship?


“All is fair in love and war.”


Yes, it’s okay to flirt with the person you like even if this person is still in a relationship. It doesn’t make you a bad person, the big question is, will that person flirt back with you?


As I said, it’s okay but I suggest to not doing it because I’m sure you wouldn’t want anybody flirting with your beloved while the two of you are in a relationship, right?


Follow the golden rule.


4. Can you sabotage their relationship?


I repeat, it’s up to you, but if you do it, would you want somebody to sabotage your relationship as well?


Again, follow the golden rule.


5. When is it time to let go?


When you have decided that you deserve something better. Go out of your comfort zone and live your best life.

6. How do you let go?


Forgive yourself for not treating yourself right, to accept the fact that you deserve something bigger and better.


Surround yourself with “SAFE PEOPLE,” those that will slap your face if you’re slipping again to the dark side of waiting, for those who will not allow you to treat yourself badly. These people  are those who will tell you the truth but still love you unconditionally.


7. How do you fight for your love?


Simple, love yourself first.


Take care of the temple in your heart because one day, a person will live there. It’s your duty to give your future love a 6-Star home to live in. A place where all your excess baggages has been thrown away; a place of forgiveness, generosity, trust, support and care.
Love yourself so you can truly love someone, someday.



The Best Is Yet To Come

JPaul Hernandez

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