Mom was beating us over and over again. But this time, I was leading the game. We were holding onto our cards with a tighter grip, we observe each other’s behavior to understand what strategy we need to win the game. My brother tries to out-hustle me, but it wasn’t a good strategy. I thought I was going to win but Mom sneakily got another win over us.

After my family learned about playing Monopoly Deal, our Sunday evenings got even more exciting because it wasn’t just about eating out, but it was now about having fun together.

Monopoly Deal is a card game based on the original Monopoly board game, but you win by completing 3 properties on your side. We love it because it gives us a lot of laughs as we try to outsmart each other.

When my family plays Monopoly Deal, my brother always gets excited because at the first part of the game it always seem that he’s going to win because he’s stealing money and properties left and right, but little by little we grind him out and eventually it will be either me, Dad, or Mom who will win.

Life is like playing monopoly deal, you try to become the best by growing yourself. Your “properties” are like skills and experiences that you gather as you grow older. But there always be someone or something that will interfere with your plans.


Something similar might be happening to you in your personal life. You thought that everything is working out but suddenly a problem beats you down and you end up starting over again.

Take heart because you are not alone. I know something good is about to happen in your life. God doesn’t just want to help you in your relational, emotional, and spiritual problems, He wants to be involved in every part of your life.


Even what seems to be a dream job, or a perfect couple, problems will still arise to set you back. But here’s what may be shocking for some people: it’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with setbacks.


Sun Tzu, Napoleon, Phil Jackson, some master tacticians and strategists in their own fields have all faced adversities. But they’re all still prominent names because they learned to play their cards right and raise through the occassion. Most importantly, they never gave up.


I am saying this because Jesus Himself did not just focus on healing the sick and saving the lost, He lived as a true-blood carpenter for 17 years of his earthly life.

About 2000 years ago, Jesus lived as both carpenter and savior. Because you are a child of God, you are anointed for such amazing marvels as well.


Friends, God has a great plan in store for you, and He will help get you through any of these trials in order to achieve greatness.

What do you think you are capable of?

The Best Is Yet To Come,

JPaul Hernandez


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