2 years ago, I wrote an article for my blog entitled, 6 Reasons Why You Should Start Dating an Entrepreneur.

Here’s an excerpt from that article:

“When I met Vivien Nicole in 2011, she was a fresh graduate who was dreaming about her Prince Charming while wondering what she’ll do with her life. At that moment, her eyes were fixed on passing the Occupational Therapy exam in the U.S. and then work there and earn her moolah.

She had a ten-year plan already, Vivien Nicole even knew what bags and shoes to buy when she starts working in the U.S., and that dreamed got more real because she passed the exams and work agencies came knocking on her door.

 As we got closer and closer, I realized that working in the U.S. was not really her dream. The real her wanted to take up Theater Arts in Ateneo but chose to take up Occupational Therapy in UST instead.

She was a talented therapist, and she excelled easily, but I saw in her eyes that she was still looking for something.

After 4 years of figuring out what she wanted to do, I saw her take a significant risk last 2015 by starting her very own business. She started a bag business with a friend and named it “Madolin Bags” after her beloved grandmother.

Some people learn business in school for 4 years, she did self-study in 4 months. I’m really grateful because God sent the best business mentors to her and in the first month of the business, they were already sold out.

I’m so happy to see her grow in what she loves doing.

Are you thinking of dating an entrepreneur? Or are you already dating one?”

Life is full of ups and downs, detours left and right, and after being married to her for more than one year already, I have come to realize that your job, your financial status, and your past does not really matter.

What really matters are the following:

  1. The person you love also loves Jesus
  2. The person you love wants to become a better person with you
  3. The person you love is your partner in everything in life

For the married people reading this article, love your spouse a little bit more today. Find something to be grateful for about this person.

For the single and young people reading this article, don’t look for a jackpot partner, be the jackpot partner. This will help you attract the right person in your life.

Life is not about being with the perfect person, but it’s about deciding every day to love the imperfections of this human being. A beautiful relationship is when two broken people accept and make each other better.

The best is yet to come,

JPaul Hernandez

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