The 1st of May this year was dated on a Friday, which meant it was a long weekend for a lot of Filipinos, and by long weekend I mean out of town trips. On top of that, the fight of the century was scheduled over the weekend as well. It was Manny “Pacman” Pacquaio vs. Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Most of the people I knew were busy with their own roadtrips, but for us in Feast Greenhills, we decided to have our summer outing for the volunteers during May 1, and continue our scheduled Feast that following Sunday.

Since it was a long weekend, we thought that only 40 volunteers would join us, but to our amazement, we reached 100 people!

Some of our volunteers, who were teenagers or half of a married couple, asked if they might bring their families. We closed our eyes, took a deep breath and gave a big “Yes!”

There were about 16 vehicles that were used to accommodate everyone, and despite having 6 vehicles getting lost, everyone still arrived safely. I was able to breathe with excitement because I wanted to build my relationship with everyone.

We started with getting-to-know-you games, followed by an amazing race – kudos to my team that became the first FGH Games champs hehe – after lunch, a team-building activity, then free time, and finally with a powerful worship.

As everyone was laughed, ran, sweat, shout, and just purely enjoyed, I took a step back to just watch and cherish the poetry of love that was happening around me.

I saw people who you wouldn’t usually see talking during Sundays, who were now dancing, laughing and eating together. I saw fathers teaching their children to ride a bike, fly a kite, and shoot a hoop. I saw the senior citizens and the youth having fun together.

At that moment I saw the family that God was forming in Herma Farms, Batangas. Feast Greenhills is more than a year old now and I’m starting to see what God is intending for us.
God intended us to be beacons of light in which people will experience His love purely.

Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three are gathered in My name, I’m there with them.”

Our ministry’s mission is to love the people who don’t like church and to bring Jesus to people.

I wish we had more time in our summer outing. Now everyone is excited for next year’s outing!

Even if Manny Pacquiao lost the match last Sunday, our hearts were still burning because our ministry is not just a religious organization anymore, but now is taking big steps to become a family that God intends it to be.

In Feast Greenhills, I’m not just the leader, but I’m also a person who feels safe in the midst of people who love me truly.

I pray that we become hungrier in touching lives of different people we see in and out of the Feast.

If you are reading this article and you are looking for a ministry who can support, listen and be part of your life, just message me and I’ll connect you to a Feast near you.

The Best Is Yet To Come,

JPaul Hernandez

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