For many years, I spent my Holy Week going around the world and enjoying the pleasures of traveling. I always gave more focus to Christmas than Lent because it was the season of receiving gifts.


As I was growing up, I noticed that there was something lacking in my life. As I journeyed deeper with the Feast, I was invited to holy events, like Lenten recollections and the Grand Easter Feast, that were… FUN!


It felt so good that I wanted more of it.


I got to know Jesus in a different way. I was not a shallow guy who liked the Christmas holiday only because of the gifts we receive but rather I learned to love Lent and Holy Week because it is the glorious announcement of God’s love to the world.


My life today is a never ending push for growth because I have truly understood the unconditional love of God.


When I am tired, my stress gets washed away easily because I have learned to rest in God’s love.


Do you want to experience the same relaxation and restoration? Join me this Maundy Thursday for a Holy Week recollection at Music Museum.

Gods Spa - A Lenten Recollection

Bro. Joel Saludares, Bro. JPaul Hernandez, Bro. Monching Bueno, & Bro. Obet Cabrillas


March 24, 2016, Maundy Thursday
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Music Museum, Greenhills Shopping Center


For Inquiries Text: 0905.558.8800, 0917.839.4607
Email: [email protected]


See you there!


The Best Is Yet To Come,


JPaul Hernandez


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