Sexless marriage is destroying your marriage.

A lot of people are uneasy about the topic of sex because we think that it’s bad, we feel that the devil invented it.

A lot of marriages become rocky when they used to have a lot of pre-marital sex, and when they got married, the longer their marriage was, the longer time they had no sex, and it causes a lot of marital problems.

You see, God invented sex, and it was designed to be good, not just fun or pleasurable, but it was a way of connecting a married couple to make their marriage stronger.

My wife and I decided to not have sex until we were married, when we were boyfriend and girlfriend, we strengthened our marriage through sharing and listening to each other’s stories and thoughts.

Because of that sacrifice, from our honeymoon until today, our love-making just gets sweeter and sweeter because it’s not just a romantic kilig thing, it becomes our worship to God, we honor God through loving each other, and sharing ourselves to each other.

That’s the true design of sex, not instant, not perverted, not to be a weapon used by wives to control their husbands, and definitely should not be the cause to ruin marriages because the man can’t receive sex from his wife, he’ll look for it with another girl.

I would like to testify that 40% of the time, my wife initiates sex with me, because he trusts me, and she falls in love with me every time I serve her and take care of her.

Monogamous married sex is like drinking red wine– it gets better with age. When it’s new, it tastes okay. But as the years go by, it becomes more delicious. I’m not the only one saying this. According to surveys and research, older married couples enjoy their sex life more.

Don’t destroy your marriage because you don’t connect anymore, sex is not just about the action, but it starts with how you look at each other, how you talk to each other, how you connect with each other, and when you give yourself fully to your partner, mind-blowing married sex can happen.


  1. Listen more to each other
  2. Swallow your pride every day
  3. Have weekly consistent dates (minimum of 30 minutes without a phone)

Honor God by honoring your marriage. Love your spouse more every day.

The best is yet to come,

JPaul Hernandez

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