Four years ago, Bro. Vic Español, who happens to be my leader, told me to start preaching in Feast Ortigas, and as I said “yes” to preaching, my friends saw me make a fool out of myself.


I gave lines that were supposed to be inspiring, pero yung mga tao weren’t inspired. They just stared at me na parang wala lang.


Magjo-joke ako na bigay todo ako and ayun tinignan lang ako ulit.


Sinubukan ko magkwento ng nakakaiyak, ayun nakita ko humihikab at inaantok sila. I even saw people walk out on me.


I kept on practicing, and practicing, and practicing. I practiced my timing, my modulation, my pace, my choice of words, my story telling, everything!


I believe that today I’m getting better.


Today, when I preach and say “ang pogi ko” ay grabe kayo makatawa. Ang saya ko dahil finally tinatawanan na nila jokes ko, pero parang na-offend din ako dahil tinawanan ninyo, ibig sabihin naniniwala kayo na pangit ako, or katawa-tawa mukha ko. Hehehe.


Do you want to better at something? Better parent? Better student? Better husband? Better entrepreneur? Better batugan? You have to invest in your habits!


Your habits make and define who you really are as a person.


Check Your Actions


I communicate a lot about dreams, intentions, and big visions in your life, but there’s an important ingredient that most people forget – it’s like the pepper to your salt!


It’s the Law of Action, because without action, nothing will change in your life!


Your habits will determine if your dream will become a reality.


Habits Can Make You Fail


A husband was shocked when he went home one day and saw that his wife’s bags were packed and she was ready to go. She gave him a long letter, and as she left their house with their kids behind her, she didn’t even tear up.


The husband went up to me freaking about what happened, he said it came out of nowhere. He told me that he didn’t notice that there was a problem, and BOOM she just left.


I wanted to tell him, that’s the problem, you didn’t notice. I wanted to tell him that it wasn’t an impulsive idea of leaving.


It was 10 years of neglect that just compounded and made his wife’s heart cold. Ten years of not noticing her, not affirming her, not dating her, not telling her she was beautiful, not complimenting her.


Your small repeated actions can cause you harm.


I know a lot of people who are sick almost once a month because their immune system is weak. This whole year, I only felt under the weather once because I sleep properly, I exercise, and soon I’ll eat less. Hehehe


Because of the habits you have, you may experience doom, despair, destruction, depression, and downward spiral.


Habits Can Make You Great


My grandparents were founders of a small Catholic charismatic community. When I was young they would bring me to their prayer meetings, or when they do counseling to someone.


My grandparents would practice their Marriage Encounter talks in front of me. I would here their analogies and their stories and even the kinky stuff!


They kept on showing me that you should go out of your way to make people feel the love of God. How? They showed me when there are couples who are about to break up, they welcome them to our home, or they lend money to those who are in need.


They just kept on showing me how much they loved serving God, and that planted a seed inside me.


My grandparents have now passed away, the community has split into many groups, but if they only have one success in the ministry, it is showing their grandson their Small Repeated Actions of love.


Feast Greenhills is now bigger than what their community used to be, and we are still growing. Today, I’m praying God will give us another morning session. This is happening because two old grandparents went out of their way to show their grandson the beauty of serving God.


You know what? Sometimes I whisper prayer requests to my grandparents. I tell them, “Can you pray for this person in Feast Greenhills?” They are my prayer warriors.


Your habits will determine what future you have, that’s why I’m giving you the power to take control of your habits so you can take charge of your life.


You are not a victim of circumstances and accidents, rather you are a champion who can make your dreams come true.


I encourage you to pick 3 major habits that you need to improve. For example, when you get your salary, instead of going to a fancy restaurant or on a shopping spree, put it first in the bank or investment option.


The Best Is Yet To Come,




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