There is a couple that’s close to my heart. They have always been generous in giving to God, and in return, blessings have come pouring in from left and right. But you know what? Their biggest blessing was to have a friend as handsome as me! He he he!


Last year, their business encountered a lot of big problems. There were products they couldn’t sell which meant losses for their business. Plus, they had children to send to school, and their kids, I tell you, eat so much! Around seven times a day!!!


Because they’re my friends, I remember talking to them and telling them, “it’s perfectly fine if you lessen your TITHE and LOVE OFFERING because of the business and financial challenges you have today. I’m sure that God will perfectly understand if you do.”


My friends angrily looked at me with raised eyebrows and angrily told me: “Brother JPaul, we will never do that, because this ‘giving’ is our FAMILY COVENANT with God, and this is nothing to how God will return the blessing to us.”


In that part of their journey, I was astounded because during those stormy and challenging months, there was always more than enough to provide for their family. In fact, their kids were still able to eat a lot, they were able to take a few vacations, but most of all, their family became closer through the challenging time.


Today, GOD HAS TURNED AROUND THEIR PROBLEMS, and He is answering their prayers and providing for them.


If God can provide for my friends, He will surely provide for you.



The Giver Actually Receives More


Do you want to receive more? Then GIVE more!


I remember when I was growing up, I saw my parents were comparing two of our welders.


Welder #1 was always early, always gives extra care in what he did, he gives more than enough into the quality of work, and he always goes the extra mile in every project that is given to him.

Welder #2 was always late, always looks stressed, and the thing is, he is always asking my parents if he can borrow money from his next month’s salary.


It’s crazy that it came to a point that Welder #2 already received his December salary even if it was only October. He was part of a vicious cycle of taking and financial mismanagement.


Welder #1 is a Giver, while Welder #2 is a Taker.


Question: If you need to promote one of them to be a supervisor, who will you promote?


This is the reason why Givers are the most successful and most joyful people in the world.


Do you want to be happy? Give

Do you want to be rich? Give

Do you want to start a business? Give

Do you want to live a better life? Give

Do you want to pay all your debt? Give

Do you want a miracle? Give


If you give, God will make a way for you to receive more!



As I end this article, let me share a personal testimony on my current giving:


Today, I want to thank Nicole, my partner for being so cool during our wedding preparations. No such signs of being a bridezilla, because of her trust and belief in God.


As we were preparing our wedding finances, we set a clear budget of how much we’re willing to spend. Then, I saw how the expenses can balloon out of proportion. I started getting nervous.


But God stepped in.


Now, 90% of our suppliers, gave us massive discounts, and then we received gifts from random people to help us in our preparation. Because God honored our budget, He cut down our expenses.


Also, even if we were preparing for our wedding, we never stopped giving to God, because we believe that we will have an abundant blessing in our lives.


Friend, I am a living testimony that when you give, God will truly bless you!


I suggest that you find a ministry or organization that you want to give to such as:
– Church

– Ministry

– Outreach Foundation


You can do it!


The Best Is Yet To Come,


JPaul Hernandez


P.S. Just in case God is calling you, you may also help me fund the mission of Feast Greenhills. Send me a personal message if you are interested. Thank you.

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