When I was in college, there was a time that I desperately asked God to help me pass in one of my exams for Philosophy class because I was too busy with organization work and, of course, hanging out with friends. I totally forgot that I had an important exam for that subject! Actually, our grades for the whole term depended only on three exams, so the pressure on this test was high!

No matter how close I was to God, I panicked so much that I even tried to bargain with Him. I told Him, “Lord, I serve as a youth leader, so help me pass this exam.”

You know what happened? I failed, terribly.

The next two exams, I prepared well and got good grades, but because of that one failed exam, my final grade was lower than what I was hoping to have.

Another example of a time my prayers didn’t happen was when I didn’t have a job. I was slowly falling deeper and deeper into financial debt. I asked God to save me,; give me money to pay off my debt. I kept on waiting for a call from somebody who would give me a gift, but that call didn’t come. I didn’t win the lotto, slot machine, or bingo, so I was really buried in debt.

In these two experiences of mine, I got mad at God. I questioned Him. I asked Him why He blessed my other friends by helping them pass their exam. Why did He give good careers to my colleagues, and why didn’t they have the same financial problems that I had?

After blaming different people about my misfortunes, I realized that there’s no other person to blame but myself, I didn’t pass my exam because I didn’t study, I fell into financial debt because I mismanaged my money and I was careless with my career.

I had to stand up, apologize to God, embrace His overflowing grace in my life, and start moving forward.

Since that day, I kept on pushing my limits. I opened my eyes and saw that God does want to bless His children 24/7 with more than enough abundance, but the problem is we’re too busy complaining, blaming other people, and hating on them, that we reject God’s blessings in our lives, instead.

Friend, God wants to bless you, but He needs you to do something first, like standing up and moving forward, before he can make a miracle in your life.

Friend, I pray that you’ll be free from your pain and misery today. Stand up, and let God shine His light on you.

The best is yet to come,

JPaul Hernandez

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