To all single men out there, if you really want to be happy and successful in life, one of the most important things you should do is find the right girl for you.

She doesn’t have to be perfect, because you are not perfect either.

It’s okay if she has some insecurities. It’s okay if she’s clingy at times. It’s okay if you don’t always understand her.

Her beauty shouldn’t be skin-deep only, but she’s a beautiful person as a whole.

Don’t compete with her, or be insecure with her achievements. Instead, succeed in life together.

Find a girl that:
1. Loves God

2. Loves herself

3. Loves her family

4. Will respect and honor you

5. You’ll treat as an equal

Treat her well, treat her like a princess, and never break her heart. If you do this, she’ll bring out the best kind of man in you.

True love is worth fighting for.

You will overcome,

JPaul Hernandez

PS Nicole, thank you for being the best part of my life. I love you forever.

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