While having breakfast the other day, my wife asked me, “In our business, what do you think Grey can do for you, so he can learn and be paid when he’s 7 years old onwards?”

I’m so blessed to have a wife that’s concerned with holistic learning from my son so that he’ll grow up to be a great man ready for the realities of the world someday. Yes, she even wants to teach him taxes, and if ever he’s going to be an artist we need to show him how to sell his artworks.

We agreed that we’ll definitely open our eyes and look for our son’s talents and passion immediately so we can guide him properly and help him follow his dreams while being responsible for his money and how to earn them.

Technology is a great thing, I’m highly dependent on it, but as it evolves at a rapid pace, and traditional education can’t keep up, us parents need to be vigilant in teaching our children life skills that are not shown in school.

I remembered a few years ago, a lot of people were retrenched from their companies because they didn’t want to learn how to use e-mails, office chat, and Blackberry mobile devices. In this world, if you stop learning, you start dying.

Did something terrible happen to you? Maybe you tried a business, and it failed, and now you don’t want to try again because the painful experience was traumatic. I understand, but you failing that venture doesn’t mean you are a failure in life.

Why don’t you make that past failure as a learning moment and move forward with it?

Use your past mistakes as markers to not repeat them.

I know your dreams and wishes are still in your heart, but you are doing your best to repress them, but you just can’t because until you pursue them, they’ll always be there in your heart.

Learn from your past failure so that you’ll be better this time.

Keep going, and one day you’ll get there.

The best is yet to come,

JPaul Hernandez

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