Sometimes, when things get really rough, when your problems have mutated into gargantuan problems, when you are so tired to pray because all hope is lost, when you don’t have any strength anymore, when you are dry, weary and broken, that’s when I invite you to sing your loudest cry to God.


When you are in that moment of desperation, we swallow our pride and surrender everything to God – that’s when He is able move in our lives and make His miracles happen.


Let me share to you this song that has helped me mightily during a season of dryness and stress in my life. I’ll put the lyrics on the left, and my reflection on the right. The song is called, “Even when it hurts” written by Joel Houston of Hillsong United.



JPaul’s Reflection


Take this fainted heart

Take these tainted hands
Wash me in Your love

Come like grace again


I remember times when I felt that the world threw me a big punch in the gut, I had no air left and I was gasping for breath. These are the moments when you really need God’s presence in your life


Even when my strength is lost

I’ll praise You

Even when I have no song

I’ll praise You

Even when it’s hard to find the words

Louder then I’ll sing Your praise


I will only sing Your praise

I will only sing Your praise

I will only sing Your praise



It’s easy to follow God when something great is happening in your life. Times when your only concern is making your life better.


The real challenge is when you hit rock bottom, when pressure is creating cracks in your character, when you just want to give up and die.


That’s when you use all your strength to raise your hand and give your praise to God.


Take this mountain weight

Take these ocean tears

Hold me through the trial

Come like hope again

And my heart burns only for You

You are all You are all I want

And my soul waits only for You

And I will sing ‘til the morning has come



In my life, I was only confined in the hospital only once. I was still very young and I had typhoid fever. Everything hurt and I was afraid.


When my loved ones came to my room and embraced me, I remember feeling the sense of pain and sickness leaving me. Love started healing me.


Today, I invite you to let God be with you in your painful season.


Lord my heart burns only for You

You are all You are all I want

And my soul waits only for You

And I will sing ‘til the miracle comes


I will only sing Your praise

I will only sing Your praise

I will only sing Your praise



When all is lost, when the only thing left to do is to surrender to the enemy or else it is suicide.


There’s one more option, put God back in the solution. Surrender your praise to God and let Him do what He does best – save lives.


Even when the morning comes

I’ll praise You

Even when the fight is won

I’ll praise You

Even when my time on earth is done

Louder then I’ll sing your praise


I will only sing Your praise


With everything we’ve got, with the last ounce of energy and life, claim that God has complete dominion over your problem, sickness, wound, challenge and temptation.


Sing a new song of praise to God because victory is coming!


When you go home, I invite you to soak your soul with this song and let God come like a river and wash away everything that’s putting you down today. Let God’s love do something crazy in your life today.

All you need to do is to raise your hands as a sign of surrender to our sovereign God, and let Him do the rest.

When our praise goes up, blessings come raining down.

You are reading this article because your victory is about to happen. I assure you that God is on your side, and He’s doing everything to make that miracle happen. The big question is, can you trust God enough to worship him during moments of worry?

Surrender, let go, open your arms, relax and let God take over.


The Best Is Yet To Come,
JPaul Hernandez

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  1. This reflection is so beautiful. It’s the best that I’ve read on this blog, and one that is necessary in our times. 🙂

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