A Leader Needs To Follow Another Leader

Can a 13-year-old lead a team effectively? I believe that leadership has no age limit, and as long as you can influence people, you can lead.

If you want to be a leader even if you are afraid, I want you to declare: “I’m ___, and I’m a LEADER.”

Let me tell you how I started leading.

It was a random morning in my high school life, and as I arrived at my classroom, my classmate said, JPaul do you already have the assignment for Geometry? I looked shocked and told him with stress in my voice, “We have an assignment? Wait, we have geometry?” I was a lazy kid, I failed a lot of subjects.

But then my friend said, “don’t worry bro, I got you covered.”

My influence was so intense that people wanted to do my assignments for me.

Oops, I’m sharing the wrong values and way of doing things, but you see, that’s how powerful leadership is. You can use it to do amazing things, or you can use it do terrible things.

Just like you, I had natural leadership skills, but because I didn’t follow someone that I looked up to, I was using my skills for the wrong reason.

When I joined the youth ministry, I found leaders who followed God’s ways, and I enjoyed learning from them. As years went by, my leadership skills improved because I followed good-willed leaders who helped me become a better person.

Your leadership can grow when you follow a good leader who can help you become a better person.

How do you become a great leader? Follow the steps below.
L – A leader LOVES
E – A leader EXCELS
A – A leader ACTS
D – A leader DREAMS

A leader LOVES

When I started leading Feast Greenhills, I was so scared, because I didn’t know who will follow me, or listen to my talk. When I preached and gave a joke, no one laughed. When I shared a sad story, no one cried. When I delivered an inspiring statement, people didn’t shout; instead, they yawned.

I was so scared, but I had to accept that I was a young leader.

Instead of crying and feeling sorry for myself, I ran to our founder, Bro Bo Sanchez and asked for his advice. He told me, “JPaul, it’s okay for people to question your preaching skills, and leadership decisions, but they should never ever question your love for them.”

Since that day, I started loving people with no expectations, and I saw the culture improve, and people started joining the Feast.

I asked God to increase my capacity to love because on my own I can’t do it.

One day, we had one couple who was a top executive, an elder in their old community, very much loved by everyone and people just looked up to them.

This couple came up to me and said, they’ll follow me, and they are now one of the top leaders in the ministry I lead. How? Because God taught me how to love them.

Imagine, what if I didn’t seek Bro. Bo’s wisdom, I would’ve kept repeating my wrong leadership strategy that was leading to nowhere.

Today, I believe that if you don’t know how to love people, you can’t lead because you’re only thinking about yourself.

A leader EXCELS

When I was in high school, I had one job. I wrote love letters for my classmates. I would write, “ikaw ang paru-paro na nagbigay buhay sa akin. ang ngiti mo ay ang kiliti na pumukaw sa aking damdamin”

crazy right?

But the girls always loved the letter.

After high school, I stopped writing because people told me that writing won’t make me successful in life.

I only started writing again in 2013, and friends encouraged me to start writing a blog, and possibly a book.

I started slowly because I was afraid that I gained courage because of people encouragement. And because of people’s positive support, last 2018, I’m published my 3rd book, “How To Overcome Financial Stress.”

What does a leader need to do to take care of his team?
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A leader ACTS

My wife and I will be celebrating 3 years of marriage this 2019, and it’s lovely but not smooth. It’s imperfect, and there are days that we just don’t understand each other.

Recently, we were talking to our mentors, Bro Vic and Sis Ditas Español who’s celebrating 40 years of marriage this year, and they keep on teaching us that no matter how hard life gets, or how much you get blessed, you have to focus on making your partner, your partner.

Your marriage is a journey that you have to go through together.

I’m blessed because even if life is not perfect, there are couples ahead of us who are guiding us tot he right path.

Marriage can only work because of the miracle of commitment.

Action is the critical skill of successful people, and it’s not about acting when you feel like acting but actually committing to a bias to work every day. It’s studying when you don’t feel like studying, or training in sports even when you feel lazy.

An action is a commitment to showing up even when you feel lazy.

A leader DREAMS

A few years ago, when I was failing subjects, courting the wrong girls, smoking cigarettes, watching porn and partying with friends every week. I was going nowhere because I had no dream.

Then, I dreamt that one day, I wished to be like John Maxwell and Tony Robbins.

How to get there, I didn’t have an idea that’s why I read every self-help book I could get my hands on, I invited successful people to have coffee with me, and I kept on watching youtube talks over and over again.

I gave talks even when people didn’t pay me, I did it because I wanted to learn.

Guess what, hard work pays off.

Today, I go to different companies and organization to give a workshop or talk and be paid well.

Dreams start with What Ifs.

Dreams start happening when mentors teach you how to go forward.

Dreams come true when you are willing to put in the hard work.

I believe that you have the power to lead your friends and teams. Find the right people to follow, learn from them, and go lead people.

The best is yet to come,
JPaul Hernandez

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