I recently preached about the Ten Commandments and one message that I really want to focus on is about the 6th commandment: “Do Not Commit Adultery.”


A lot of influential celebrities have fallen down from grace because lust got the better of them. No, it’s not just actors, politicians, CEOs, have gone against this commandment, but also priests, pastors, and even everyday people.


The bible says, You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say: Anyone who even looks at a woman with lust in his eye has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” (Matthew 5:27-28)



The truth is, there are a lot of women out there. I can’t stop them from looking sexy or beautiful. I’ll be honest with you, I get tempted not because I’m serving in the ministry, but because I’m like every other person.


Men are tempted with attractive ladies, and women are tempted with capable guys who are so dreamy that it creates the illusion that this guy is better than the man beside them.


Personally, I give focus on not looking at other women. So, if for some reason there’s a woman in front of me, I decide to not follow her with my eyes, my thought, and my neck. I quickly decide to look away.


During moments of deep temptation, I think about Nicole. I focus on her, my family, and God – asking Him to bring me away from temptation.


Beautiful Sex


Whenever I talk to my mentors, from Bro. Bo, Bro. Obet, Bro. Vic, and others, they tell me that they can’t wait for me to get married, because married sex is the best kind of sex.


The truth of their relationship is that the longer they are married the more beautiful the sex becomes. That’s when they start telling me how much love-making they have every week, and I automatically start to black out because it was too much information for me.


The reason why I stopped kissing my fiancée a few years ago was because I felt so dirty committing pre-marital sex in the past. I wanted to be re-virginized, that’s why I surrendered that kind of intimacy to God. We don’t go on vacations out of town just the two of us, and we always make it a point that we’re not the only ones in the same room.


I can’t wait for our honeymoon because it’s going to be beautiful… and of course, babawi ako ng MATINDI!


Ladies and Gentlemen: adultery is not just about having sexually physical with someone, it’s also when you start investing emotions to another person. Such as when this other person excites you more than he or she should, or when this person gives you butterflies in your stomach for no reason at all.


In my career, I deal with different ladies everywhere, and I’m naturally a very affirming person. But then Nicole’s girlfriends ask her if she feels any worry about me being friendly with the opposite sex. She responds to her friends by telling them that no matter how nice I am to other ladies, I have a way of making her my #1 priority always.


I simply do it by reserving the term “beautiful” only for her. I may affirm other ladies, but that term of endearment is reserved for Nicole only. Aside from that, I automatically put a limit to my friendliness to other ladies, and most especially, I reserve my most vulnerable side for her eyes only.


Friends, if you can overcome temptations, you can overcome everything.


Be a person of integrity and love.


The Best Is Yet To Come,


JPaul Hernandez

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