After closing a chapter of my life, I didn’t know exactly what to do. Good thing, an opportunity to be part of Jpaul’s coaching session came.

He helped me realign my mindset to the truth. I have kept in my heart the lessons that He imparted us – both practical and spiritual.

One of the best lessons he shared is, “God provides and I have the responsibility to manage it and multiply it.” He also inspired me to simply start – even when I am afraid, even when I had to start all over again.

All I needed was just one product that I can maximize, one good client that I can serve. I just needed to make sure that I provide what they need and I maintain a good relationship with my customer. Fears, doubts, anxieties overflowed, but so did courage, faith, and grace. What started as a “side hustle” has become my main source of income.

Now, I am able to provide my clients high quality and affordable dresses, I am also able to help a student who is working as a virtual assistant, and I am able to help a friend who needed an extra income as a courier. All I needed to do was to simply start – even if it meant starting all over again.
— Danna Reyes

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Dear Overcomer,

You are meant for more, and I know you can grow your idea into a big business that will serve a lot of future customers but hold your resignation from your work because business is a roller coaster ride.

Get your feet wet in the world of business by starting a side hustle and grow it from there. Start your small business while still employed.

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