I have a gratitude habit that I practice every day. What I do is I pause in the morning, sometimes during lunch, and in the evening before I sleep, and I simply clear out the noise in my head and just thank God for any blessing that I can think off.

During one gratitude break, I noticed a big blessing that arrived. Before I took my gratitude pause, I was looking at my bank transactions, it suddenly hit me, when I decided to pursue this MISSION of corporate speaking and helping people through my business, I had to talk for free and abonado (I would PA just for the opportunity to speak), because no one wanted to get me.

Then slowly my earnings grew from 500 pesos per hour for a talk, and then 1000, then 2000 for an hour talk, and then 3000. What I earned before was not enough to sustain me, and super far from possibly raising a family, but I kept on going and going and going because I believed that God’s blessings are chasing after me, and my season of harvest will eventually come.

Today, when I’m invited to speak in communities or schools, I charge minimally, but if you invite me to do a corporate talk, I get to be paid a good amount of money for a one hour talk.

I became teary-eyed and I was just thanking God for all the blessings He has been pouring in my life. While I was thanking Him, He stopped me mid-sentence and spoke so clearly into my ears and heart and said, “You haven’t seen nothin’ yet, get ready for more!”

I believe that grateful people are happy people. And when you are grateful, you attract other good people who will help you succeed in life. Certainly that’s what’s happening to me. When I am grateful, more people want to help me because they see progress and joy in the person they are helping.

If you want to be successful, you have to be more grateful with what you currently have so that more opportunities will come your way.

After you read this article, I encourage you to get a notebook and label it, “Gratitude Journal” and just write in there everything you are grateful for. And then do it every day. Eventually, you’ll see tremendous change and growth in your life!

Get ready for more! God’s blessings are chasing after you!


The Best Is Yet To Come,

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