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I’m turning 30 this October and looking back I realize that my life was totally different 15 years ago. I didn’t have a direction in life back then, my academic grades were disastrous, and most of all I was eaten up by a number of insecurities. But I guess the worst thing I did was […]


How I Deal With Lustful Temptations

I recently preached about the Ten Commandments and one message that I really want to focus on is about the 6th commandment: “Do Not Commit Adultery.”   A lot of influential celebrities have fallen down from grace because lust got the better of them. No, it’s not just actors, politicians, CEOs, have gone against this […]

Should You Disciple Non-Christians?

More than a year ago, Feast Greenhills had an attendee that was a Muslim. He was a teenager who kept on coming back every Sunday.   Somebody came up to me and asked me if we’re okay with that, and I said, “YES.”   This man asked me, “how do we convert him?”   I […]

Write That Right Now!

If you want to be a published author, my friend Karren can help you be one. From Karren Renz Seña, author of pioneering Filipino epic fantasy novel Champions, comes another life-changing motivational writing workshop: Write That Right Now! Stop Dreaming and Start Writing! Do you have any idea how powerful your words can be? I’m sure you do. Your words […]