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God Truly Blesses Those Who Are Generous

There is a couple that’s close to my heart. They have always been generous in giving to God, and in return, blessings have come pouring in from left and right. But you know what? Their biggest blessing was to have a friend as handsome as me! He he he!   Last year, their business encountered […]


5 Ways to Start Paying Yourself First this 2016

I invited my friend, “Smart Chinay” to write a guest article for my blog. Oh man, her article is both inspiring and practical. You can read her other articles at:   Enjoy! Paying Yourself First is setting aside a portion of your income right after you received it. It means you have realized that […]

How can you spend your 13th month pay and bonus?

Rona is already in her mid-50s and she’s about to have a big blessing soon: her last child was about to graduate from a very expensive engineering course in college.   She told me she wants to start investing as soon as she finishes her financial responsibilities. Then, I asked her how many loans she […]