A lot of people messaged me after reading my article, How Much Should You Spend For Romantic Dates. I also wrote in that article that weekly dates are important because it is a powerful way of strengthening your friendship and love for each other.


But why should we spend less for our dates? Because we want to prepare for our future, you can use this money for investments and savings.


Because of that, Viv and myself created a new mission, to look for wonderful date places that would be good that would not injure our finances.


We decided to make Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo our first stop in this new budget date mission.


We went there on a Thursday morning, I picked her up at 7:00a.m. at Quezon City and we made our way to Antipolo through Marcos Highway, and then we turned right at Sumulong Highway, at about 8:30a.m. we arrived a the gates of Pinto Art Museum.


We waited for 30 minutes because it opens at 9:00a.m.


As we entered, we were greeted by warm-hearted employees, which made me feel that they really care about what they are doing in Pinto Art.


The lady in-charge told us that directors, writers, authors and different artists go to Pinto Art for inspiration. They usually have a paper and pen on hand while they sit at one of the chairs waiting for a powerful creative inspiration.


We were both excited to see what this Art Museum has in store for us, and after taking a few steps I understood immediately what the lady was talking about. The whole Pinto Art Musuem was exploding with raw energy that will lift your spirits up. It doesn’t just come from the artworks, but I guess it also came from the staff managing the place, the location because Antipolo is a mountain, or the nature that envelops the whole experience.


A wonderful cute chapel greets people as you start your journey, and then as you go through each gallery, you see the different wonders that the museum has in store.


Here’s a reflection that I had from our trip, As I went deeper and deeper through the galleries, I saw the different artworks themes – modern, classic, happy, sad, angry, joy, creation and many more.

As I went through each one, I experienced that I was also going deeper through myself. It wasn’t just a wall of paintings in different rooms, but every artwork speaks to the soul of the one experiencing it.


I reflected about the Philippines having the tagline, “IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES” but in most artworks that I saw, I noticed that the artists depicted Filipinos as sad, tired, or hopeless.


I wondered if the FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES concept is just a mask that we wear or we somehow find joy in our sufferings.


That’s a question that I hope you can help me with after you have your date in Pinto Art Museum.







It was so beautiful that we didn’t realize that we have been walking around for almost 3 hours already! We finished our tour at about 11:45a.m.


You only pay 180 pesos per person to enter the museum, but the food inside can be quite expensive so we decided to eat in Marikina afterwards.


We finished our date day by eating in Tamagoya in Lilac St., Marikina where we spent 500 pesos.


Our total date cost was 360 pesos for food, and 500 pesos for our meal.


We only spent 860 pesos, but our experience was priceless!


I invite you to spend a whole day with your partner in Pinto Art. You can go through the galleries holding each other’s hand and just enjoy the art.


I also advise that you share stories and laughter with each other so that both of you can improve the health of your friendship.


The Best Is Yet To Come,


JPaul Hernandez


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