My phone and laptop has a very cool feature called “Hey, Siri.” It’s a hands-free, voice command to activate the Siri feature. If you activate it, you can tell Siri to call your wife, open Spotify, read your e-mail to you, check your appointments, or sometimes, I just bug Siri by asking her things like if she has a soul, or “where is Steve Jobs today.”


…Yes, I am weird, please don’t judge me.


Through technology, communicating with people can be done with a snap of a finger, but why aren’t people as connected as we wish to be. We still have miscommunications, fall outs, arguments, and many more.


John Maxwell said, “everyone communicates, but few connect.”


I am a husband, a Feast Builder, a success coach, motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur; I noticed that relationship problems start when people talk at the same time; when everyone in the room are driven to speak up their mind all at the same time.


It’s when our ego is fired up because we believe that what we have to say is the absolute truth and everyone else’s opinion is subpar.


When people give-in to this, bad things happen! Years of good relationship get thrown out to the trash just because someone couldn’t hold their tongue. Most of the time, people end up regretting what they said out of anger or insecurity.


What can we do to avoid this? One sure way to connect and strengthen our relationships is by managing our emotions; take a step back and start listening.


Relationship miracles happen when we sincerely hear what the other person has to say.


Same thing goes with our relationship with God. Maybe you’re frustrated because He is not answering your prayers. There’s a possibility that your relationship with God is one-way. You have been telling him all your rants, wants, and needs 24/7.


So instead, with all the problems that you have, I invite you to quiet your stormy heart, focus on Jesus and let Him talk to you. Listen to His voice and be surprised at what He has to say.


Try this for at least 2 minutes and you’ll be positively amazed.


I’m praying for your problems and all your concerns.


As you are reading this article, I want you to know that God is working a miracle in your life. He is busy behind-the-scenes, and all you need to do is focus on what’s in front of you.



The best is yet to come,

JPaul Hernandez

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