Napansin niyo ba na kahit gaano ka katalino ang isang tao sa academics, marami pa ring hindi matalino pagdating sa pag-ibig? Sana mayroon din school for love, right?

Recently, a guy named Bryan went up to me, crying. I asked him, “Bryan, what’s wrong?” He said, “Bro, busted ulit ako.”

I asked him, “What did you do?” and pabulong niya sinagot.

Afterwards, binatukan ko siya ng malakas! Pinagsabihan ko siya “Bro, hindi pwede ang Shotgun technique!”

What is the Shotgun technique? Yung mag-tetext ka ng “Hi Beautiful, coffee tayo” sa lahat ng girls sa phonebook, and titignan na lang kung sino ang lalandi back.

Wag kang ganun! Immoral yun.

I told him, “Welcome to The JPaul Hernandez School of Pangliligaw!

I told him to use the Sandbox technique. You gather a group of people, and be nice to everyone, be kind to them tapos siya asarin mo ng asarin and wag mo pansinin, para maguluhan yung isip niya. Bakit? Para ikaw lang ang pag-isipan niya.

Tapos pag nag-umpisa na kayo mag-date, use the Anaconda technique. Ano naman yun? Pag side to side kayo sa car, while walking, or inside the MRT, pakiramdaman mo braso niya, medyo brush up to her hand, and then when the time is right, be an anaconda and strike! Puluputan mo siya. BAM!

Bryan did what I taught him, ask me what happened to Bryan? Ayun, NASAMPAL!

What’s my point? We went through a lot of formal education, we kill ourselves just to get to the right school, and then we don’t enjoy life because we’re chasing after grades just to be hired by a good company. Some get double degrees, Masters and PhD’s just to get ahead.

Let me shock you today, the world will not care if you graduated in Harvard, UP, Ateneo, nor La Salle. The world will not care if you are a valedictorian, or how many degrees you have, because the world will only care about what you can deliver and what you can bring to the table.

Our schools taught us how to be smart, how to be good in English, Math, Science, Accounting, History, and all those intellectual mumbo jumbo! Pero if ito lang alam natin sa buhay, yes, we may grow in our careers but we will not be able to grow in our lives.

I’ve seen a lot of smart people who graduated with honors but end up poor, or a lot of terrific artists who become part of the stereotype that they are hungry.

In life, if you stop growing as a person, you start dying.

That’s why hindi pwedeng matalino ka lang sa “CRAFT, JOB, OR ART” mo. You need to learn about earning more, managing your money more, and growing your money.

As I started working, I realized that you can always find a way to earn money either through traditional employment, starting your own business, or do any possible freelance work. The truth is, you can always find a way to earn money, and with that, what’s hard is how you keep the money, and how you grow it.

As I entered the corporate world, I was able to apply everything I learned in school, but what I didn’t know was how do I manage my money properly? To the extent that I got buried in terrible debt.

It was a painful and grueling process that made me insecure and problematic. I eventually spiraled down into depression, actually. I didn’t push myself to be better because I was only dreaming about it.

So, I forced myself to move out of debt because I became desperate, I didn’t want financial troubles to become my identity. I enrolled in the school of life; it’s where you make everything that’s around you a potential place of learning. It’s when you allow every moment to become a teacher and help you get better. It’s also the pathway where you look for mentors that can sit down with you, and mentors that you can learn from through books, videos, and seminars.

The reason why I was poor and buried in debt before was because I saw money as something that will, “COME AND GO.” It was like a buffet at a restaurant in which you eat everything until there is no left-over, because you know that one day, a new serving will come again.

Ang pagtingin ko sa pera nun was laging darating, so okay lang din maubos. Kaya pala ako nauubusan ng pera lagi because I welcomed poverty into my life with the way I was living.

Today, I’m writing this article because my financial situation has massively improved as I am providing for my wife. I have my own company, and I help others get out of debt as well.

Kaya pala mahirap yumaman dati, kasi I believed that money was something that will come and then go away again. But because of the school of life, I have learned tremendously, and I am now a changed man who has a dream of earning a million pesos a month.



1. Learn from the best. Learn from people who have failed but eventually turned their life around

2. Change your money belief system

a. My previous mindset was: “Money Will Come and Go”

b. My mindset today is: “God provides, I create the wealth”


Ayaw ko yumaman mag-isa, gusto ko ikaw din. I pray that all of us will have a better life so that we can also provide help to people in need.

Here are also some people who have helped change my money mindset. I pray that they will also help you!

1. Bo Sanchez – and

2. T. Harv Eker –

3. Dave Ramsey –

4. Pinoy Financial Planning –

5. Business Daddy –


Let me know about your financial story, I want to be part of you journey!


The Best Is Yet To Come,

JPaul Hernandez

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