Ladies, do you catch yourself thinking about that guy who listens to your problems, who is always there, and who seems like the best person in the world, while your partner doesn’t really care about what you care about?

Men, do you catch yourself looking at other women who seem sexier and prettier than your girl?

In movies like Kingdom of Heaven and Lord of the Rings: Two Towers, people inside the city were confident because they were protected by a strong wall. But as soon as one small hole is created on those walls then impending doom is coming for everyone.

In every fortification, you just need to look for the weak spot. When you hit it, everything falls down and bad things happen.

The same thing happens with temptations. There are so many negative things happening around us, but haven’t you noticed that there are only certain things that irk us? It’s because those specific things are our weaknesses.

For example, I get irked easily when my wife talks to me with a certain tone. It’s not because there’s something wrong with our marriage, it’s just my weak spot gets hit, and I’m tempted to lash out on her. But praise be to Jesus that I have received the Grace to control my rage, and I just let it go. Yes, I’m tempted to shout at her because that’s my weakness, but I don’t because I am bigger than my emotions and temptations.

Friends, there are things in your life that tempt you easily because those are the things you are weak at, and they will be with you as long as you have breath. Some guys will be tempted to ogle at girls, but when you catch yourself, you can master the art of closing your eyes instead. On the other hand, some women are tempted to nag, but when you feel like doing it, you can just bite your tongue or inhale, hold your breath, and don’t exhale.

You are bigger than the temptations around you; you have the power to overcome them. Even if you are hit in your weak spot, believe that there’s a God protecting you 24/7. God has your back.

The best is yet to come,

JPaul Hernandez

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