Patricia is a beautiful girl and a friend of mine for more than 15 years already. When I went over to her, recently, to invite her to my wedding, I told her, “Hey, we’ll have a small wedding; I won’t be able to invite Chikito, your boyfriend.”

She slapped me and said, “Ano ka ba, matagal na kami break nun!” I already get confused because this friend of mine… never nababakante! Pag- break ng boyfriend, after three months may bago na ulit!

Although she always has someone in her life, she can’t seem to be truly happy. No matter how attractive Patricia is, she always looks down on herself because she’s always begging for love. She thinks that she doesn’t deserve the best.

This is called, the Poverty Mindset. It doesn’t mean you look like a beggar, but it means that you always feel like you’re poor or lacking something in life; you are never satisfied nor contented.

You know you have a poverty mindset if you feel poor, you talk poor, you walk poor, and you act poor. The truth is this: subconsciously, you plan on being poor for the rest of your life.

What’s the connection of this kind of thinking with your dreams?

You might have the biggest and most amazing dreams, you might have a really good start on your dreams, but something bad always happens that brings you down and leads you to a terrible detour in your life. Why? Because you believe that there is something bad that going to happen. You let yourself think that something is going to stop you.

Therefore, even if you feel so insecure, or doubtful, stop thinking negative thoughts!

Starting today, it’s time for you to believe that something good is about to happen in your life, instead.

It’s about opening your arms, opening your heart, and opening your soul to the goodness of life. That no matter how difficult life is, a miracle is on the way.

When you say negative things about yourself, or when you say poor things about yourself, you are not being modest – in fact that’s fake modesty – rather you are destroying your destiny by poisoning your dreams. Stop messing up the wonderful person that you are.

Stop saying that you are not good enough.

Stop saying that you can’t change the world.

Stop saying that you are not brilliant or amazing.

In fact, you are, you’ve always been, and guess what: you’ll always be!

Dreams Come True

I have a gratitude habit that I practice every day. What I do is I pause in the morning and in the evening, and I just thank God for any blessing that I can think off.

During one of my reflections, I went back to my journey to what I’m doing today. You see, when I decided to pursue this advocacy of corporate speaking and success coaching, I remember nobody wanted to get me. I had to talk for free and even pay for my own gasoline and logistics, just to get an opportunity to speak.

My honorariums were as low as 500 pesos for a 2-hour talk. What I earned before was not enough to sustain me, and super far from possibly raising a family.

But I kept on pushing. I kept going and going because I believed that God’s blessings were chasing after me, and my season of harvest will eventually come.

So, then, my honorariums became 1000 pesos, then grew to 2000 and was for a 1-hour talk, then became 3000, and so on.

Today, I happily get paid good money when organizations and company invite me to speak.

I am so grateful for the days that I was earning almost nothing because it has taught me to work harder, and to push myself outside of my comfort zone.

I believe God is blessing me because He knows that I’ll share the blessing around!

So, build up your dreams by building up yourself!

You have what it takes!

The Best Is Yet To Come,

JPaul Hernandez

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