Sheila used to see the world as one big colorful rainbow – fluffy, and everything was always full of hope. She would give away hugs to every family member, and she didn’t have a problem making friends. She was always confident because her family really loved her.

However, all that changed when she was nine-years old. During the summer break of that year, she along with all her cousins were out for a vacation. While she was changing into her swimming outfit, her older cousin, named Carl, entered the room and touched her, kissed her, and proceeded to molesting her.

She didn’t know what to feel, but her knees kept on trembling. She didn’t tell anyone what happened, but she was never the same again. Worse, the same abuse came from the same cousin when she was 13-years old and 15-years old.

She couldn’t speak up and tell her parents because their families were very close.

One day, she drew up the courage to tell her family and the people in church, but guess what. Nobody in the community knew what to do, they cried but didn’t really know what to say; it was an awkward thing.

The painful part is that her parents just shrugged the story off as it never happened. To this day, we don’t know the reason why, but Sheila has a black hole of emptiness in her soul because no loved one came to save her from her suffering. Nobody sat down and just cried with her and heal with her.

Friends, sadly, this kind of story is becoming common in families all over.

We are here to heal from it. And most especially, we are here to stop this cycle.

Friend, if you were abused or was an abuser once, that’s in your past. Because of Jesus, your future will be abundant.

Let Go, and Let God.

The best is yet to come,

JPaul Hernandez

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